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Nothing is better than the last day of school!

We just wrapped up the school year last week – whew! Everything always seems to happen all at once these final few weeks, and this year was no different. I always have a million things I want to do, but never seem to get around to doing! Like, for example…

  • Special “Last Day of School!” banner for the kids to crash through when they come home from the bus…
  • Summer-kickoff presents for the kids and their neighborhood friends, like water guns and sidewalk chalk. We always just end up coloring with last year’s scraps – oh well!
  • Photos of my kids with each teacher on the last day…(I did get a couple!)
  • Unique, personalized teacher gifts, beyond Starbucks gift cards…

Oh, wait! I DID manage to give my kids’ teachers unique, personalized teacher gifts! Check out this adorable, personalized stationery!

Custom Stationery from

Found these folded notecards at! They have lots and lots of designs to choose from, including the ultra-personalized Me & My Peeps collection, where you can create funky little cartoon versions of your whole family. My whole family actually won’t FIT on a notecard (or in a restaurant booth, or a normal sized vehicle, or…you get the idea.) So I decided to just put my littles on here, since I ended up using these notecards to write sappy, heartfelt notes to my kids’ awesome teachers.

Custom Stationery from!

Designing the cards was easy, and just a matter of dragging and dropping my choice of characters from the Expressionery website, and then customizing haircolor, clothing colors, etc. I do wish they had a few more options for the girl characters, but I did find a few faces that reminded me of my own crazy daughters. Hopefully when I run out of these and need to order more, they’ll have added Girl With Lightsaber, Girl Holding Turtle, and Girl With A Blog, just for my own personal requirements. 😉

I heard great things from all four of my kid’s teachers about these cards! Everyone seemed to love them, and it was pretty much the easiest teacher gift EVER. Expressionery for the win!

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  1. Chrissy says:

    So cute! I have some post it notes similar to these and I love them!

    1. I was thinking today it would be great to get personalized Thank You cards for my girls – they would love those!

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