About Laura

Hey there! I’m Laura Neiman, the chick behind this one-woman show, Dude, That’s Dope! 

I started out writing for the web many years ago, doing lots of freelance writing gigs while raising my two sets of twins. “Mommy Blogging” turned into brand ambassadorship and digital influencing, with a little autism-awareness thrown in. This is actually the third version of this blog – previous aliases were LaLaGirl and Housewife Hellraiser. I decided to branch out and embrace my true love, which is art – inspired by music, people, nature, and all things super rad. 

Nowadays, in addition to informative posts about local events and venues, you’ll find a whole lot of cool stuff that I’ve made! I love drawing and painting, and I love even more when my artwork ends up on funky greeting cards, totebags, and bumper stickers. My current crush is watercolor and hand lettering! I also dabble in pins and patches. Stay tuned, people, ’cause this shit is about to get real!

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