Skull Ice Cream Cone Polymer Clay Necklace

Skull Ice Cream Cone necklace - polymer clayHi friends! Look at this darling Skull Ice Cream Cone necklace – it’s made from polymer clay! Here’s how that came to be…

Last week, I attended a conference for bloggers and digital influencers, and I had SO much fun. One of my favorite parts of the whole event was the Eat Dessert First themed opening party, hosted by my dear friend Christie of Ritzy Parties.

I was part of the team putting on the event, and all of us wore matching pink wigs and aprons that each of us decorated in our own personal style. Naturally mine was covered in cute pins and hand-painted tattoo-style desserts! I also spelled out my first name in donut letters that I made out of Sculpey polymer clay. Everyone flipped out over all the details in my apron, but I think the donut letters were the biggest hit! I had to tell people that I ran out of time preparing for the show – but I was planning to make a matching ice cream cone necklace with a scoop of strawberry in the shape of a skull! So this wasn’t part of my party uniform, but I made one anyway so I could share it with you!

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Skull Ice Cream Cone Necklace 

Here’s what I used:

  • Sculpey III Oven-Bake Clay in Candy Pink, Chocolate, Red, and Buried Treasure
  • 2″ Head & Eye Pin
  • Jump Ring
  • Goldtone Chain & Lobster Clasp
  • Actual Sprinkles

All of the materials I used are available on Sculpey’s website right here. (Well, except for the meat tenderizer, haha!)

Step One!

My first step was to open up the packages and let them sit for a couple of hours. Sculpey is so wonderfully soft and pliable, but when doing fine details like this, I find that it’s almost TOO soft – my fat fingers end up smearing the details if I’m not careful! So I let it sit out for the afternoon. 

Sculpey polymer clay | Dude, That's Dope!


Step Two!

Next, I took one section of the Candy Pink clay and formed it into a ball. I sort of squeezed down one end so that it was almost a lightbulb shape. This was the skull! I used one of Sculpey’s great tools to form eye holes and a nose hole. I just squeezed the nose hole together with my fingers until it was more triangular than round. The pointy tool was great for carving out a mouth and some teeth. 

Skull Ice Cream Cone necklace - polymer claySkull Ice Cream Cone necklace - polymer clay

My ice cream skull needed some hot fudge, so I flattened out a small ball of Chocolate Sculpey and used the pointy tool to sort of carve away bits of it so it looked like a drippy brown puddle. I gently placed it on top of my skull and pressed down the “dripping” parts until I had it like I wanted it.

Step Three!

Then I had to create my waffle cone! I used a section of the Buried Treasure color and formed it into a ball, then I rolled it flat. I searched through all my texturing tools in all my crafty supplies, but I didn’t find anything that resulted in a waffle cone pattern nearly as nice as my meat tenderizing mallet from my kitchen! A gentle press was all it took to create the waffley pattern. I did it on both sides, then I rolled it into a cone shape. Looks good enough to eat!

Skull Ice Cream Cone necklace - polymer clay

At this time, I poked the pin through my skull from bottom to top, with the pointy end coming out the top. This will become the hanging ring for your necklace! Then I gently put the skull into the ice cream cone and tried to press it all together without messing up my waffle pattern. Voila! I added a red Sculpey cherry on top, but this is optional – I wish I would have skipped it, because it ended up being in the way when I did the final assembly. Up to you.

Skull Ice Cream Cone necklace - polymer clay


Step Four!

Then it was time to bake my little Skull Ice Cream cone! He went into a 275 degree oven for about 45 minutes. I took him out and let him cool, and then it was time to dress him up. I used a fairly thick layer of glue right on top of the “hot fudge” and then added sprinkles from my pantry right on top of that. When that dried, I gave the whole thing a very light coat of glossy acrylic sealer spray. Then it was time for all of it to just sit and dry for awhile.

Skull Ice Cream Cone necklace - polymer clay


Step Five!

Assembly was pretty easy. I used needle nose pliers to bend the wire into a loop. This would be SO much easier to do with jewelry pliers. I have some. I just can’t find them. Then I used these same pliers to add a jump ring and a lobster clasp, and then I just clipped it onto a gold chain. So cute!

Skull Ice Cream Cone necklace - polymer clay Skull Ice Cream Cone necklace - polymer clay

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