Christmas Pins to Ungrinch Christmas!

So, what would you imagine could be the worst thing to wake up to right after Thanksgiving, when you’re walking out the door to go grocery shopping? Well, my sweet daughter Kayley woke up to a nightmare on Sunday when she headed outside to find that her car had been stolen from right outside her place. Who would ever expect to have their 16-year-old VW Passat Wagon stolen?

Here is Kayley with her cute little car on her 19th birthday.

This poor kid can’t catch a break. She works as a preschool teacher and needs her car to get back and forth to work – and we all know teachers aren’t exactly making bank! With this huge unplanned expanse, I’m not sure what Kayley’s next move is going to be, but I want to help save her Christmas any way I can! With that in mind, I’m selling these handmade, hand-drawn pins for $10 each, shipping included, and every penny will go to Kayley. You can stick ’em on your stocking or on your beanie, keep them for yourself, or give them as gifts! I’ll even gift wrap them if you want! If you’re looking for a real live person to support this holiday season, here’s an easy way to do it – and you actually get a rad pin in return. 

Click HERE to order, and please specify which pin when ordering. 

If snarky pins like this are not your thing, no worries! Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested. Thank you SO MUCH for supporting my sweet girl!


  1. Christie says:

    These are the coolest!! My custom order is placed!

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