Raddest Easter Cookies with #SPRINKLEFETTI

The products featured in this post were generously provided by Baker’s Party Shop – all opinions are my own! Sprinkles make everything better, especially iced sugar cookies! I wanted to show you these! The raddest Easter cookies with #Sprinklefetti from Bakers Party Shop. I’ve never seen such a vast sprinkle selection anywhere else, and their Sprinklefetti collection is pure magic. 

Sprinklefetti comes in a whole rainbow of solid colors, along with amazing color combos with delicious names like Summer Sunrise and Unicorn Rainbow and Happiness. The Sprinklefetti featured here is Sprinklefetti Jewel Tone and Sprinklefetti White Wedding.  My kids names were written on with edible paints also available from Baker’s Party Shop. Christie Troxell of Ritzy Parties has an excellent tutorial for using these edible paints on her site right here.

I am so happy with how these turned out! Aren’t they fancy? The Sprinklefetti just makes them extra special.


I know you want some Sprinklefetti! 


I have a special coupon code for you to get your hands on Sprinklefetti for 20% off until April 14th! Use coupon code SPRINKLEFETTIFUN at checkout.

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