DIY Wine Charms

Special thanks to Oriental Trading Company for providing supplies for this project. Opinions and experiences are my own and are honest.

This is the kind of craft that I like – the kind that requires very little skill, effort, or specialized supplies – but still turns out SUPER cute! I made these snarky little wine charms for my girlfriends and we had so much fun picking out which ones fit which people – some of us could relate to more than one!

I made all of these in just a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon, before I headed over to hang out with all my best girlfriends. They took hardly any time at all. What took the longest was thinking up little nicknames for everyone! FYI, a couple of them were a bit too risque for this blog post!

Here’s all you need to make these fun and funky little charms:

Most of what I used is available from Oriental Trading Company – right down to the Sharpies! The other items can be found at your local craft store.

I simply punched out some tag shapes from the shrink plastic and then punched a hole through where I wanted the charm to go through. The shrink plastic ends up being 1/4 the size you start with, so make sure you cut your tags large enough. I used a tag punch, but this could be easily done freehand or even in fun shapes! Once I had all my little plastic pieces cut out, I baked them according to the package directions, which ended up being about 5 minutes at 300 degrees. They come out of the oven the perfect size!

I threaded a few beads onto each wine charm wire and then added a charm, then more beads. Voila. That’s how easy this is. In fact, it would be super fun to show up for wine night with all these supplies and have everyone sit around the table and make their own wine charms! 

This turned out being the fan fave:

And you know what? I’m only an occasional wine drinker (it gives me mad headaches!) but I found that these fit on my beer bottle, too!

Here’s the one I saved for my hubby.

He didn’t see the humor in it.

How cute would it be to make a whole set with people’s ACTUAL names on them? Book Club will never be the same! 

Check out the huge assortment of crafty goodness available from Oriental Trading Company – they aren’t just for party planning! You can find all the craft supplies you need to make almost anything you want, and they have tons of great ideas and tutorials on their website as well.

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