The Rad List – 2/2/17

Hey hey, it’s Groundhog Day! I painted this angry little groundhog to commemorate this special day, because I LOVE how groundhogs always look so completely pissed off. They’re so angry and cute.

 As soon as I showed my daughter Lexi, she offered a critique: “Mom! You should have drawn him with a little sleep mask pushed up on his forehead, like he just woke up. And instead of saying ‘Hollaaaa’ you should have drawn him flipping the bird.” As usual, my middle schoolers are more clever and funny than I am. Oh well.That’ll cost me some dopeness stars. 





This video of a dad and his 4-year-old daughter singing Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio made me squeal! There’s nothing suburban white parents like more than old school hip hop, amirite?? Seriously, though – this is adorable and this little girl kills it. 





These “Better Together” sugar cookies created by Ritzy Parties are beyond cute!

The Sweet Sugarbelle cookie cutters used to make these Kawaii-inspired Valentine cookies came from Bakers Party Shop. I can’t pick a favorite! The coffee and donut are soooo adorable, but the bacon and egg is over the top! Does Sugarbelle make a Kawaii taco? If they do, I need to get my hands on it.





Speaking of sweet cookie cutters, I am BLOWN AWAY by these 3D printed shape cookie cutters from Etsy shop Readyshapes – I need to get my hands on these! This DJ turntable and cassette cookie cutter would make such darling cookies!

Readyshape DJ Turntable Cookie Cutter

Readyshape Cassette Tape cookie cutter

They have tons more, too – check them all out on their Etsy shop, right here: Readyshapes




Hope your groundhog Thursday is going smashingly! Check back next week for more awesomeness.

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