The Rad List – 1/26/17

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? It’s only the end of January, right? Your girl has been running nonstop this month – making lots of cool shit, designing funky little pins to pass out at CHA, creating tons of hip hop watercolor art, and running things at the Casa de Chaos, of course! Find me on Instagram at @dudethatssodope and see what I’ve been up to! Here are some cool things I had to share with ya…it’s The Rad List!

Pin Game Proper

I took about 200 of these hand-painted, individually drawn pins to a trade show recently and people went nuts over them! The most popular designs were the ones with the snarky phrases and bad words, but these were the most popular icon designs. These are made out of shrink plastic, drawn with Sharpie and painted with acrylic paint. I am sharing the printable with you right now so you can make some of your very own! Just place a sheet of shrink plastic over the printable, trace the design, color it in, and cut it out! Bake according to package directions. You can use a little Beacon Power-Tac to glue them to pins or magnets




Get in My Belly!

It’s almost time for “the big game” – far be it from me to violate the NFL’s trademarked rights by using the instantly recognizable phrase that describes the final championship football game between the Patriots and Falcons that is occurring on February 5th – we’re just gonna call it THE BIG GAME. I am seeing recipes everywhere for football party food – dips and meatballs and queso and hot wings galore. Here’s my tip: show up with these chocolate peanut butter crispy rice cereal treats instead. Bomb! 

(By the way, if you still want a dope ass dip recipe, this bean dip is a HUGE hit at every tailgating party I’ve ever brought it to!)



Keep Calm and UNICORN

Changing up your decor? Check out this super rad unicorn!

How many times have you contemplated buying a mounted unicorn head to hang on your wall, only to hesitate because…what if you get bored looking at the same old unicorn horn day after day? Well no more! This mounted unicorn head comes in pink or white, with interchangable horns available in gold, pink, purple, silver glitter, and silver

I think it would be awesome to paint it teal with a rainbow horn, but that’s just me.




Not that dope, Mom…

Around the first of the year, we had a family movie marathon of all the Austin Powers movies. My kids LOVED them, like I figured they would – after all, their big sis Kayley was so smitten with Felicity Shagwell that she and her dad dressed up like Felicity and Austin for Halloween when she was a preschooler. With the AP movies fresh in our heads, I thought the kids would enjoy this clip of Mike Myers and Jimmy Fallon doing a Canada vs. USA dance-off from The Tonight Show – but they just marveled at how OLD Mike Myers is now. Oh well, I thought it was pretty funny!



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P.S. This post contains hella affiliate links. Gotta pay for that Target run, yo.


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    dear god you’re funny as hell.

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