Holster Brands – hold all your stuff!

Here’s something cool that my girls and I have been all over! Holster Brands makes these innovative little silicon pockets that stick to almost any surface and hold just about anything. I love the story behind Holster – they were originally invented by a creative mom, frustrated because she couldn’t keep her flat iron from falling into her pedestal sink. How many of us can relate to that? What started as the Hot Iron Holster has grown into a whole bunch of Holsters for organizing your whole life!

Check out the Lil’ Holster right here, keeping my dish brush handy. The slick surface is designed to adhere to a dry surface, but once it’s in place, you can get it wet and it doesn’t budge. Perfect!


My daughters are using the Lil’ Holster on their polymer clay cart to hold all of their clay tools. They love having everything they need close at hand while creating their masterpieces!


This one is my favorite! The Hobby Holster holds your glue gun and glue sticks, while the glue gun is on and HOT! It’s heat resistant to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you get any hot glue on it, just let it cool and it peels right off.


Every one of these Holster products just sticks right on where you put it, without suction cups or anything like that. The super smooth surface just sort of clings on and it holds tight! You can also pick them up and move them. Just a fun and funky way to organize your home and workspace! Holster products come in a bunch of colors, from hot pink to pewter, so you they’ll blend in with your craft space, garage, or teenage girl’s bathroom – whatever’s clever.

You can find Holster Brand products in lots of different stores, on Amazon, and right on their website at www.holsterbrands.com

Special thanks to Holster Brand for providing the products in this post. Opinions and experiences are my own and are honest. This post may contain affiliate links.



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