Halloween Popcorn Box Party 2016

Well, it’s finally fall! Break out the Uggs and the pumpkin spice creamer. Fall brings sooooo much fun, and one of my favorite fall traditions in craftyland is the annual Popcorn Box Party! This is my third year participating. Here is the Minecraft Creeper Popcorn box I did a couple of years ago, with pixels made out of paint chips. Last year’s was a vase of flowers in a Popcorn Box. For the Halloween Popcorn Box Party 2016, I decided to make something cute for my daughter’s room. Here’s what I ended up with… Kawaii Monster Popcorn Box!


My monster came together pretty easily with a little pink faux fur fabric, which is so fun (but hilariously messy) to work with. For the eyes, I used Kunin felt. I put everything together with pumpkin spice scented hot glue sticks (no really, that is a thing) because I’m all about experiencing the fall goodness in everything I do right now. And of course, the popcorn box, which is from World Market.


So it would be cute enough if this was just a furry little pink monster, right? You could use it to hold hair ties, or pencils, or just about anything, really…but this monster is more than that. This monster is actually…a cell phone charger!



I get so tired of seeing my kids’ phones plugged in and charging on their bedroom floors. This charging station makes it easy for them to charge it and leave it in place right on their desk or nightstand.


(Bonus, it can also be a chair for your pal Benson. If you don’t know Benson, you should know Benson. Follow along with Benson’s adventures right here.)


Benson in the pimp throne. #Benson #regularshowbenson #regularshow #bensonandpablo #myfriendbenson

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This was fun to make and my daughter went nuts over it. If you’d like to make your own, I’ve linked to all the products I used above. (Affiliate links, yo.) I loved checking out all the other funky ways people came up with to use their popcorn box – and you can click through and see all of them right here:

In addition, there’s a fun giveaway happening too! Enter via the Rafflecopter below to win all this!

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  1. janetvlt says:

    Very Kawaii! I bet my kids would love it! A fellow Popcorn box crafter visiting from Try it – Like it

  2. What a cute idea and I love that it does double duty as a charger!

  3. Ali B says:

    I love this! What an awesome idea!

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