DIY Quick Homemade Slime

I love having crafty kids, and I love it even more when they figure out how to do something on their own and then teach it to ME! My 11-year-old twin girls are super creative and they always make the most darling stuff out of clay, felt, buttons – whatever they can get their hands on. This was a really fun project because it came together in a snap and I can almost guarantee you have everything you need in your house RIGHT NOW.

DIY Quick Homemade Slime!

diy homemade slime recipe

Here’s all you need:

  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Paint or Food Coloring

diy slime ingredients


Simply mix about a quarter cup of glue with a little splash of laundry detergent. Mix, mix, mix until it stops looking like spoiled cottage cheese and starts looking like slime. If it’s too sticky, add more detergent. 

diy slime mixing

You can stop here, or add color if desired! I used a drop of orange craft paint. You could also use food coloring. NOTE: this could stain anything it touches, so keep that in mind when adding color. The tiny amount of paint does not seem to stain our hands.

diy orange slime


We decided to put it in cute little glass jars we decorated like pumpkins, using Sharpie markers. I think you could make these even cuter with features made from felt or construction paper, but we were trying to keep it simple.

diy pumpkin slime

This is the kind of messy-but-fun activity that is also a great sensory experience – although I was pretty squicked out touching it, myself!

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  1. This stuff is totally rad! I want some!!!!

  2. Carolina says:

    I might be out of milk and eggs… but I have all the supplies needed to make this slime! HA!! #momwin 😉

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