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Last week, I went to this fun little event at Breckenridge Brewery where other rad bloggers like myself got to sample great craft brews and pub food while learning all about King Soopers ClickList, the brand new grocery ordering service featuring curbside pickup. This is how it works: 

  • Get on the ClickList website, on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Order your groceries – more than 40,000 items are available!
  • Select a one-hour window when you want to pick up your groceries
  • Sit in your vehicle at King Soopers while smiling employees BRING YOUR STUFF TO YOU.

King Soopers ClickList

That’s pretty much it. You can order your groceries at night after the kids are in bed and pick it all up after you drop them at school. The service has a couple of minor issues, but my only real beef is…where the hell was this when I had two babies and two toddlers? This would have changed my LIFE. Those days of pushing a quad stroller with one hand and pulling a grocery cart with the other? That would’ve been old news, baby. 

Nowadays, my kids are older, and going to the grocery store is no big deal. I don’t even mind it most of the time. But here is a short list of ways ClickList could work for you:

  • You have eleventy billion children who make grocery shopping hell on earth
  • You’re trying to stick to your list without spending extra cash on Snapple and Flaming Cheetos
  • You don’t actually know what leeks are, but that Pinterest recipe calls for leeks
  • You need groceries, but can’t bring yourself to get out of your pajama pants

See? So many scenarios call for this service. Could we expand it to liquor stores as well? And even though it was 97 degrees today in my fine city, temps will be in the 30s with snow and yuck in about two months. How nice will it be to sit in my warm car, while my groceries get loaded for me?


For real, though, ClickList is a total game-changer. And you can be as picky as you want when placing your order – each item has a place you can leave a note, and you can write a whole paragraph if you’d like. I ordered six russet potatoes, and I specifically asked that they not be weirdly shaped and that they were all the size of a fist. Hey, everybody wants a nice looking baked potato, right? And guess what – I ended up with six perfect potatoes. I also asked that my avocados not be hard as a rock but not be squishy either – like they’d be perfect by the weekend. Welllll…I did end up with rock-hard avocados, but only because that’s all that they had. They did put them in a small paper bag, though, to speed up the ripening process, which I thought was pretty nice.

When you arrive at the store to pick up your order, look for the parking spaces near the front of the store that have pavement markings and ClickList signs! The phone number you need to call is printed right on the sign, so it’s pretty easy to let them know you’ve arrived.


Here is all the important info you need to know:

  • The ordering fee is $4.95, with no minimum order amount – and the fee is waived for your first three ClickList orders
  • Orders must be placed through the website, either on desktop or mobile – the King Soopers app isn’t integrated yet
  • Debit/Credit cards are the only form of payment accepted
  • You can use your coupons! 
  • Choose your pickup time from 7 am to 8 pm

Important note! ClickList is BRAND NEW to Denver, and they are just starting to roll it out. Currently it is only available in two stores – Smoky Hill and Himalaya in Centennial/Aurora, and 104th and Chambers in Commerce City. They are adding new stores very quickly, so get on King Soopers website for more info.

Many thanks to King Soopers for hosting this event and making it possible for me to try out this service. Opinions are entirely my own.

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