Chemo Moonshine – Natural Remedy for Nausea

chemo moonshine cookingA couple of months ago, I got a phone call from a dear friend with the terrible news that she had breast cancer. Hearing something like that just knocks the wind right out of you. I can’t even imagine being on the receiving end of that diagnosis. My friend’s prognosis is good, thank God! She is going through many rounds of chemo and radiation, though, and is currently in what is apparently known as the “red devil” phase of chemo. It is wiping her out, poor thing. My friend Barb shared her natural remedy for chemo induced nausea a couple of years ago, and I made a batch of it to share with my friend. This is what she had to say about her Chemo Moonshine – Natural Remedy for Nausea…

“Last year when I was going through a low dose trial of chemo meds for lupus, I found something that really helped with my nausea. Through time I adapted the recipe to where the moment any one in our family is sick to their stomach, THIS is what they crave. My very special Chemo Moonshine (there is no alcohol, its just a cute name for it). It’s good for just everyday upset tummies too!”

Please visit Barb’s site for the recipe right here: Chemo Moonshine Recipe

I packaged it up to leave on her porch along with some anti-nausea crystalized ginger, peppermints, and of course a little Udderly Smooth, as it is GREAT for cancer patients. (Info about that right here!) 

chemo moonshine

I do feel so helpless right now. Our children are good friends so of course I can keep hers as often as I can, and hopefully this remedy will help her feel a little better from the chemo. But I don’t know what to say when someone is fighting for their life! All I know to say is, I’m so sorry. This super sucks. And I love you. These are tough times we live in, this thing called adulthood. Can we go back to playing Barbies and watching the Dukes of Hazzard? I’m ready to get off this ride!


Emily McDowell has some fantastic greeting cards for friends who are going through difficult times, especially dealing with illness and loss. This is one of my favorites: I promise never to refer to your illness as a “journey.” Unless someone takes you on a cruise. You can check out her whole collection on her site right here: Emily McDowell – Empathy Cards.

Disclosure: This post was written with love. I received zero monetary compensation for it.  As an Udderly Smooth Ambassador, I regularly receive Udderly Smooth products which I gleefully share with others. The original Chemo Moonshine recipe is from Barb Likos, who has lots and lots of great natural remedies on her site, Mom Off Track. 


  1. Barb says:

    You are such a good friend. Much love and prayers for your friend!

    1. Laura says:

      Thank you, Barb! xo

  2. What a thoughtfully kind gift. The nausea and side effects are the worst for most people I’ve seen go through chemo, so I’m sure this is super appreciated (and you even made it look cute)!

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