Sweet Sculpey Owl

I love making stuff out of Sculpey polymer clay. It’s so fun and easy! Check out this cute little owl I made.

iheartsculpeyowlsIf you want to make an owl like this, here’s all you need:

Start with a small lump of the blue glitter clay and form into an oblong shape. Gently maneuver the clay until it is larger on the butt end and small and round on the head end. Use more of the blue clay to form wings and the pointy part on top. (Ears? Eyebrows? I don’t even know.)

Use the round end of the tool to create eye sockets. Fill sockets with two yellow clay circles and join the two eyes with a bit more yellow. A bit of brown clay forms a beak. Tiny balls of black clay make the eyes. To create owl feet, roll out small cylinders of black clay and fold into a U shape. Add another small cylinder of black clay in the center to create three toes. Make a couple of these and you have owl feet! Use the sharp pointed end of the tool to add details to your owl.

Bake your owl creation for 20 minutes at 275 degrees. 

Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to try new things! It’s just clay. If it sucks, throw it away and start over. Have fun!

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