DIY Spring Wreath

I love it when all the springtime stuff starts appearing in the store, for a couple of reasons. First of all, my birthday is in spring, so I always start getting excited for that! And spring decor is always so freaking cute – bright flowers, cute little Easter chicks, and almost always adorable little birds. I looooove birds. These darling mini felt chicks are from World Market, and I am pretty sure I squealed when I saw them! I knew right away that I wanted to put them on a wreath for my door. Here’s how that turned out. DIY Spring Wreath:


So cute, right? I die. Here’s what I used: a couple of silk flowers, one of which was a huge peony just like the peonies I have in my backyard. The other is a delphinium, which I love to cut and put in jars or vases. They’re so pretty, and these won’t die. Yay! I also used a simple grapevine wreath and a bit of burlap for a bow. I used my Ad Tech hot glue gun to put it all together.

wreath prep

I pulled all the flowers off the stem and snipped the leaves off with wire cutters. I love that huge peony! I almost just put it on a bobby pin to wear in my hair, but I didn’t.

flower prep

I figured out how I wanted my flowers to look and then glued them all over the bottom part of the wreath. 

hot glue flower

flowers on wreath

Then I let the birds move in! I only ended up using two, because I have plans in place for the other two birds. They’re too cute not to appear somewhere in my house!


And here’s the part I forgot to take pictures of: I made a burlap bow. I am somewhat bow-impaired, so this was a bit of a challenge for me. It probably won’t be for you. Pretty much all you have to do is make a couple of loops and then cinch them together in the middle. I really have no idea why I struggle so much with this concept, but you know, we can’t be rockstars at everything. Here is my finished wreath, with my struggle-bow.

spring wreath

I love that one of the birds is just chilling in the giant peony. You can make this DIY Spring Wreath in about 15 minutes. Here are some sources to make it easy for you! (Affiliate links)  Yay for springtime! 


  1. Laura kelly says:

    So pretty!!!

  2. Kim Stallings says:

    This is so stinking cute! ! I want one for my dismal, plain apartment door.
    (Hint, hint )

    1. Laura says:

      Well, come on over and I’ll give it to you. 🙂

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