5 Ways to Use Rustic Wood Circles

I love the look of those darling unfinished, rustic wood slices cut from a branch – and I’d like to show you how easy it is to make these yourself! Here are 5 ways to use rustic wood circles in your crafts and decor.

rustic wood circles collage

First off, let me show you the score and a half I found in my yard after the most insane wind storm the other night. Look at this beautiful branch! Once I pried it out of the jaws of my chiweenie, I had a plan for it!

unfinished wood log

Now, I don’t recommend using a trash can as a work bench, but it worked for me to cut out a few quick circles with my favorite little Ryobi saw. Take my advice, and don’t cut these out on your sloped driveway, because they will all roll away and you’ll have to chase them out into the street. 

wood cutting ryobi

I cut out a bunch of these, and look how cute they are! This isn’t a very big branch, so I couldn’t cut them very thick. I think they’re about 1/2 an inch thick.

rustic wood circles

Some of the bark just isn’t going to stay – you can see it beginning to curl up and peel away. I peeled off the bits that were going to come off, and then I used a pretty generic sanding block to smooth away some of that roughness on the flat parts. 

Now for the fun stuff! What to do with these? 
1. Ornament

Here’s the first thing I did. I made a little carrot ornament for my carrot-obsessed carrot-loving bestie, Laura! We giggled a bit about the flaccid-ness of my cute little carrot, but the truth is, there just aren’t that many ways to draw one.

carrot ornament

2. Necklace

Next, I made this fun little necklace for my little peace-making bohemian girl, Mallory. Love!

peace necklace

3. Tag for Flowers

Then I decided to make cute little tag to attach to a jar full of flowers. This is my favorite way to make somebody’s day. Flowers are so inexpensive – most of the time, I just snag them right from my yard! Seeing as it is February in Colorado, though, these came from the supermarket. The jar is upcycled from our spaghetti dinner earlier in the week. DAY MADE for one lovely and deserving person, and it basically only cost me my time.

you rock flowers

For all three of these, I just screwed in tiny little eye-hooks I picked up in the jewelry supply section of my craft store for next to nothing. Seriously, a baggie of 20 is like two bucks. Makes for some inexpensive crafty fun!

4. Magnets

I also love making fun fridge magnets! For this, I just glued a magnet to the back of my wood circle. (Uh, obviously.) Pretty easy, there. It’s also really cute to hot glue these to those flat-backed thumbtacks to dress up your bulletin board. Cuteness.

rustic wood magnet

5. Label for Chalkboard

Pssst, I couldn’t find any chalk, so this is a bit of PicMonkey magic. I think this would be so darling at a wine tasting, though! I have lots of these little chalkboards and easels around since I pick them up every time they appear in the Dollar Spot at Target. Cute and fun!

wine chalkboard

I hope this gives you some ideas of simple and fun rustic decor you can throw together with stuff you probably already have! That’s my favorite kind of craft, especially when my kids are involved – it’s much easier to take a chance and try something new when it doesn’t cost us much!

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