Dirty Shirley Cherry Cocktail

Let’s check in, shall we? We are halfway through winter break. The excitement of Christmas has worn off, the kids are all tired of their new stuff, and it’s ten degrees outside. The house is a wreck, everyone is bickering, and the dog just got into the trash. Time for a Dirty Shirley Cherry Cocktail! Here’s one you can share with the littles, minus the booze!

Dirty Shirley Cherry Cocktail


I love Cherry Man cherries – I love them not because I particularly adore cherries, but because my kids can’t get enough of them and they are so stinking cute sitting in my pantry. Am I the only sucker for a super cute label? I’ll bet you are too.

These maraschino cherries came from Sprouts, but you can also buy them on cherryman.com. They are awesome on ice cream, in cocktails, and eaten directly from the jar. 

Dirty Shirley Cherry Cocktail

They’re the bomb! Get it? Cherry Bomb? #momjokes

To make Dirty Shirleys, simply mix up a little soda of your choice (I like Sprite or Fresca), as much rum as you like, and about thiiiiiiiis much juice from the cherry jar. Add as many cherries as you like, and, voila. 

For G-Rated Shirley Temples, do all of the above but leave the rum out.

If you’re a blogger writing a sponsored post about your favorite cherries in the whole wide world, stage a darling picture of your cocktail. Do it on your deck in 10 degree weather while in pajama pants. Realize later you forgot to put the soda in the picture. Flip table over. Sip cocktail and move on with your life.

dirty shirley cherry cocktail

This is how cute Cherry Man is – my kids think we should boot out their brother’s school picture and frame the logo instead. It does look pretty cute on my fridge, dontcha think?

Dirty Shirley Cherry Cocktail

Sip your Dirty Shirley and put on a movie! School starts in a week! YEAH!

Here are some of my actual real life friends I love, who are sharing their own awesome Cherry Man recipes!

And you can win some cherries and stuff too, as soon as this contest starts. Maybe check back in a minute.

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  1. Michele says:

    I like the cherry coke floats! Floats always make me feel like a kid!

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