Udderly Smooth for the Holidays!


It’s wintertime, and in the very dry state of Colorado, we’re pretty much all walking around with gross dry skin! But it does not have to be that way, you guys – Udderly Smooth for the Holidays! I know I’ve written about Udderly Smooth in the past, but I have to share this with you once again as the weather gets cold and my knuckles start to bleed. This lotion is the best. For reals. Yes, this post is sponsored, so I’m being paid to tell you this. But honestly, we use it ALL THE TIME. I’ve had a bottle on my bathroom counter for years now, simply because it’s the only lotion I’ve found so far that doesn’t piss off my skin. This is what we use all the livelong day, right here…


My kids, especially Mallory, have all inherited my tendency toward dry, sensitive skin – and I have tried SO many lotions and “healing treatments” in the interest of just keeping them from being completely chafed and raw in the winter time. And over and over, it’s been a nightmare – lotion that is supposed to be for sensitive skin ends up literally burning my poor kids, leaving them red and crying. It’s completely ridiculous. Until we tried Udderly Smooth, I would only put petroleum jelly on my kids – it was THE ONLY thing that didn’t turn them red. And nowadays, you can find it almost everywhere – even at Walmart! Yeah!

Santa will no doubt leave my kids with a stocking full of candy, but mama is going to add a little tube of Udderly Smooth to each one as well. It’s perfect for a backpack or even their desk at school. My mom worked retail for decades, and her hands were RAW from sorting through clothes at work – this stuff is perfect for that. Crafters, teachers – anyone who touches paper all day? You need this. It’s light, non-greasy, absorbs immediately, and it doesn’t burn sensitive skin!

Here are some friends of mine sharing their own fun gift ideas using Udderly Smooth – check them out.


And here is where you can enter to win a Udderly Smooth prize pack (includes body cream, hand cream, shea butter, pump, hand lotion, mug, and hat) and a $50 Walmart gift card. a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, DOOOOOO IT! Don’t let your dreams be dreams. You can have lovely skin all winter and all year! 


  1. Carolina says:

    I have sensitive skin, and so do my kids… love this stuff!

  2. madge2015 says:

    Ok Ok… SO Utah is just as dry as Colorado! My feet are gross I say! Well, they were until I started using the Foot Cream by Udderly Smooth! I love it!! EEK!!! loves- Madge

  3. Donna says:

    I want that wreath on my front door! Love your post!

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