Denver Flea – Holiday Flea 2015

Guys, I’ve been trying to write QUICKLY, as time is of the essence here! DENVER PEOPLE: GET TO THE DENVER FLEA THIS WEEKEND! It’s their Holiday Flea, which is this fabulous group of really unique and fun makers and artisans, all set up beautifully for your shopping enjoyment. You can BUY LOCAL, support local artists and small businesses, and get REALLY KICKASS GIFTS for everyone on your Christmas list. ALSO? Food trucks! Live music! Craft beer! Unique cocktails! I had so much fun, and I am sad I could only go for one day. Gather up your friends and get over there! Denver Flea – Holiday Flea 2015 is THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

This is my Christmas gift to myself, and I’m hanging it right above my desk to remind myself to be the dopest, raddest, chillest wife and mama ever. I already am, but it’s nice to look at! This is from DENY Designs, who make the coolest housewares ever, featuring artists from all over. If you’re looking for a shower curtain, duvet cover, or throw pillow that doesn’t look like everyone else’s stuff from Target, check these folks out!

I also got what is now my favorite coffee cup in the whole wide world. I love coffee and I love mugs, and my rule is that I never buy and use one unless I LOVE IT. If I find a coffee mug somewhere that really catches my eye and I ADORE it, I buy it immediately. I only have like 5 in my rotation because I only use ones I really like. And this is my new favorite! Also from DENY designs!

I found sooooo many other awesome things, too – gifts for my daughter, stuff for my kids, perfect teacher gifts… it just goes on and on. Here are some of my favorite things!

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And here’s more! Let me tell you, I stood at that caramel booth and sampled every flavor, and marveled at how everyone around me was making orgasm faces with every bite. They are the best. THE. BEST. And that skateboard jewelry? How super rad is that? Love. Love it all.

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Here is the information you need!

4400 Fox St
Denver, CO 80216


SUNDAY 10 – 6

P.S. The Denver Flea is indoor, but it’s not heated, so plan to keep your hoodie on.

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