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I wanted to share with my busy mamas this new thing I had never even heard of: FRESHLY. I didn’t know this was a thing. Did you? Let me enlighten you. Freshly is a company that makes delicious, fresh, healthy meals and then ships them right to your front door, packed in dry ice, ready for you to zap in your microwave and have a fabulous meal on your table in just minutes. Now, when I first heard all of this, I was skeptical about all of it. I figured it was going to be frozen dinner quality stuff, but no. I tried six different meals, and I really liked almost all of them. I can’t even remember which one I didn’t like now. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. You get to actually PICK what sounds good to you when you order, so you can select things that you’ll like. Here’s the box of food that arrived on my porch:

Freshly Gluten Free Healthy Meals

This right here is my very first Freshly meal. It was BOMB. Lookie:

This was the Pecan Pesto Chicken Bowl and it tasted like I had just made it fresh from scratch. It was so good! Here’s how it looked before it was all pretty on my plate:

Freshly Pecan Pesto Chicken Bowl

All of Freshly’s meals are paleo-inspired and gluten free! They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner options and all of them are pretty dang good. Remember when I fell and broke my leg 3 years ago and spent 5 months on crutches? This would have been the most amazing thing ever. People often brought meals for my family at dinner time, but I had the hardest time whipping up healthy lunches for MYSELF while I was home alone, hobbling around in severe pain, recovering from surgery. This would have been AMAZING. Here’s my short list of people who would love Freshly:

  • New mamas
  • Elderly people
  • My dad, home alone while my mom works
  • Busy parents
  • Single people who work ridiculous hours
  • Married people who work ridiculous hours
  • People who are lazy and like eating but hate cooking
  • People like myself who sometimes have a hard time with that whole “self care” thing, dealing with the stresses of life and sometimes end up eating cereal for dinner
  • YOU!

So if you want to try out Freshly, here’s a great deal going on – you can save 50% off your first pack of six meals, which is 3 meals free! Go right here:  FRESHLY

I think you’ll be pleased with the quality and variety of food available. There were lots of options and now that I think about it, the only one I wasn’t thrilled with was the carnitas. But then, I make pretty bombass carnitas myself, so I’m probably biased. Try it, you’ll like it.

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