Tum-E Yummies Summer Treats!

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So, I had a fridge full of these Tum-E Yummies. We took them to the park. We took them on picnics. We treated the whole softball team to fun drinks! What was left to do, but to create fun treats with them! Yum!

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Here was the first fun idea. The girls take a water bottle to softball practice, and we decided it would be fun to make some flavored ice cubes! We used ice molds we picked up at IKEA and used Soursational Raspberry to make these flower-shaped cubes. Fun! Don’t make the mistake we did, though, and try for a rainbow look. It’s pretty for a minute, and then you have brownish water. Not pretty.


Next is our Fruitabulous Ice Cream Float – this was the kids’ favorite! If you ever get cream slushes from Sonic, this tasted just like those. So good! We just poured our our favorite flavors over ice cream. If the ice cream is super cold, you get little frozen bits of Tum-E Yummies on your spoon. Delish.


And here is Mommy’s favorite: Quick Greentastic Apple Slushie! This is just club soda, a little ice, and Greentastic Apple Tum-E Yummies thrown into the blender. And, P.S. it might have vodka in it. #dontjudgeme!


I bug my kids all day long to drink water in the summer – we refill their bottles everywhere we go! So it’s nice to break up the monotony of ice water once in awhile with something fun and sweet!

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You can find Tum-E Yummies pretty much everywhere! Pick some up and create your own summertime treats!

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