Dunkin Donuts Giveaway

I have been remiss in posting this as I was computer-less for several days, and although there are folks out there talented enough to write amazing blog posts on their smartphones, I am just not about that life. So apologies for the delay that you didn’t even know about. I meant to post this last week. ANYWAY. 

DUNKIN’ DONUTS! I wrote last year about all the new Dunkin’ Donuts locations popping up all over Denver. And now I’ve checked out a couple more!

The family and I checked out the location off Iliff and Havana, where that diner used to be. Pauly and I treated the kiddos to a fun and indulgent breakfast a couple Saturdays ago. Everyone picked out their favorite donuts…


While Pauly and I enjoyed some breakfast sandwiches! I had never tried any actual food at a Dunkin’ Donuts before, because, DUH, DONUTS. But I did try the Veggie Egg White Omelette on Flatbread and it was actually really good. I’m trying hard to eat more healthfully, and while it’s hard to fit donuts into that life, I felt perfectly satisfied munching on my egg white sandwich while everyone else indulged. Okay, truth is, I had a bite of someone’s donut. And it was amazing. Paul had the Sausage Egg & Cheese Bagel and he said it was really tasty too.dunkin-breakfast

Naturally, the kids were thrilled to eat donuts and steal drinks of my iced coffee. 

dunkin sign

We also have a great Dunkin’ Donuts right in our ‘hood, which is always full of high school students, as it is practically across the street from Smoky Hill High School. Sadly, it opened up AFTER my oldest daughter finished her studies there! Bummer! This is a great store with a fun, friendly staff! I went along with my bestie, Laura, so we could indulge in some iced coffees. Little did I know that DD’s iced coffees come in flavors beyond plain ol’ vanilla. I had Butter Pecan and Laura had Cookie Dough. DUDE. 

cheers to dunkin

I tried both of them and have to say, I liked the Butter Pecan better. But I’m not a cookie dough lover like everyone else on the planet, so your results may vary. Here are all of the fantastic iced coffee flavors:

  • Butter Pecan Swirl
  • Caramel Mocha
  • Caramel
  • Cookie Dough Swirl
  • French Vanilla Swirl
  • Hazelnut Swirl
  • Mocha
  • Rocky Road Swirl
  • White Chocolate Raspberry

Yum! Next time, I am all over the White Chocolate Raspberry. So good!



Now here’s something fun for ya – while we were at the counter picking out donuts, we saw the donut holes, aka MUNCHKINS, and…inspiration struck! We decided, how fun would it be to take some of those munchkins home and make CAKE POPS out of them? The fun of decorating cake pops, without the hassle of baking and crumbling and assembling and cussing about them falling apart! Laura wrote a whole post about our Munchkin Donut Hole Cake Pops and you can check it out on her blog right here!

We always have a blast together, whether we’re gallivanting around town eating donuts or engaging in boring household drudgery. That’s the fun of having a best friend!

Laura and Laura


In honor of donuts and coffee and best friends, I’m teaming up with Dunkin’ Donuts for a fun giveaway. Leave me a comment here telling me what your favorite thing to do with your best friend is! One commenter will win a dozen donuts and two iced coffees, so they can take their best friend out for a coffee date! (Or you can take your hubby. Or your favorite kid. Or your mom. It’s really up to you.)

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  1. Leia says:

    I love to just hang out and talk with my best friend.

  2. stacey says:

    I just love to get away from the chaos and TALK. Once you get me started, I can’t stop. Maybe I should stuff my face with donuts 😉

  3. My favorite thing to do with my best friend is to get together and have some drinks and laugh and be stupid! I miss living near her.

  4. Caryn Berg says:

    My best friend and I love to drink and chat. Wherever. 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Just being in the moment with her!

  6. We just surprised the kids with a random trip to get donuts for breakfast a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure the surprise made their whole weekend since we’re usually a eggs, fruit, toast kind of family. It was fun!

  7. Carolyn Sestak says:

    With both me and my best friend in school we like to catch up when we can over coffee or margaritas!

  8. suzannebastien says:

    My favorite thing to do with my best friend.. we have a restaurant we eat at every time we meet up. Three hours, dinner and it helps me feel “normal” again.

  9. Kristin says:

    I’m lucky in that I was able to move in next door to my best friend. It’s kind of like having a permanent sleep over! Nearly everything we do together ends up being fun. Hiking is definitely one of our more favorite things to do.

  10. Lauren says:

    I like to go out for coffee. Donuts would be good too!

  11. Nicole says:

    Chat while the kids play!

  12. Melissa Hunting says:

    We scrapbook!!

  13. I love you and I love donuts and when we all get together I am in total Heaven. Yay for my best friend and sprinkles.

  14. Daria says:

    Talk and just get to be “me” again. Not mom, wife, employee, neighbor, but me.

  15. Colby says:

    We eat pizza and watch Chick Flicks – what could be better???

  16. Tracy says:

    My best friend lives 900 miles away (boo). When we get together, we love to scrapbook!

  17. Jayme M says:

    Binge watch shows on Netflix while eating junk food! Great giveaway, Laura. LOVE DD!

  18. Taradara says:

    Go fabric shopping or just sitting and talking …

  19. Just hanging out….and talking for hours….while thinking only 20 minutes have passed!

  20. Go to the movies! I love DD iced coffee. French vanilla is my fave.

  21. nancy furman says:

    My friend and I go walking and than head to DD for a special treat. My favorite is an iced latte with skim and mocha swirl!!!

  22. The favorite thing my Friend and I like to do is just sit outside in the backyard with a beer in our hands and just talk and unwind from the hectic week while the kids play inside the house.
    Best times.

  23. Yvonne says:

    I love my text messages one of my best friends share on the daily. Also how our (his & mine)kids think we are just a couple pair of crazies bc when we are together all we seem to do is laugh.

  24. jennifer says:

    I love grabbing breakfast and iced coffees. We sit and talk. Love the fact there are new DD’s opening up. I used to drive to Colorado Springs for donuts 🙂

  25. madge2015M says:

    What don’t I love to do with my bestie??? Coffee and Donuts are in the top 5 of course!!! I love a good donut with sprinkles!! We also really love to watch Game of Thrones while the kids are at Cheer and or American Horror Story on Netflix (yes we watch them in season) but it is fun to watch them all back to back to back! We also love to travel #midgeandmadgeadventures

  26. Jenny says:

    My best friend and I work together and our favorite thing to do is, well, just hang out. We went to NYC together and had a blast!!

  27. Angela Hendricks says:

    I love going out to have coffee kid free with my best friend! We get to chat and catch up without interruption.

  28. Angela S says:

    My bestie and I talk on the phone for hours, share our kids and commiserate about work. Dunkin donuts opened 5 minutes from my house. I have to avoid that route or before I know it I’ve over indulged cause I’m a gal who can’t say know to a Dunkin glazed donut.

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