My Favorite Cake is Pie: 10 Amazing Pie Recipes

My birthday is coming up in a few days and I am having a few people over to celebrate – yippee! Somebody asked me what my favorite kind of cake was, and the truth is, I really don’t like cake at all! I hardly ever eat it. Once in a great while, if I can snag a nice corner piece with lots of frosting, I’ll eat a piece of carrot cake. Usually carrot cake has enough nuts and raisins in it to disguise the fact that it’s cake, so don’t mind it. I don’t know if it’s a texture thing or what, but cake is not my jam, especially on my birthday. But you can bake me any one of these pies and I will love you forever! Pie is so pretty. Here are 10 Amazing Pie Recipes from ten really awesome bloggers.

1. Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie – I LOVE caramel apple anything, and I love cheesecake. This makes me want to cry. Why are you so beautiful, Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie?caramel apple cheesecake pie

2. Blueberry Peach Pie – I love peach pies and I love blueberry pies. Blueberry Peach Pie is just blowing my mind. blueberry peach pie


3. Peanut Butter Cup Pie – You can make me a Peanut Butter Cup Pie for every birthday I ever have for the rest of my life. Or every Tuesday, for that matter.
peanut butter cup pie

4. Bourbon Caramel Chocolate Banana Cream Pie – What? WHAT? This pie is ridiculous. I don’t think anyone has ever loved me as much as I would love this pie. bourbon caramel chocolate banana cream pie

5. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake – this is just the prettiest thing ever. 
vanilla bean cheesecake


6. Peanut Butter & Banana Pie with Nutella – paying homage to Elvis, perhaps? I’m okay with that.

peanut butter banana pie nutella

7. Coconut Banana Cream Pie – I always love banana cream pie. And coconut cream pie. Both together? Now that’s a marriage I can get behind.

coconut banana cream pie



8. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie – YES. Yes, this forever. Yes. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. I just want to eat it.

chocolate chip cookie pie
9. Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie – This pie brings a tear to my eye because it is just so glorious and magical. If I don’t get this pie for my birthday, I’m going to make it myself the next day.

peanut butter banana cream pie

10. Caramel Apple Snickers Pie – I know there’s been a theme here, what with all the caramel apple and peanut butter and banana everything everywhere in your face. I’m not even sorry. This one is my favorite one of all, and I fell asleep dreaming about it last night. CARAMEL APPLE SNICKERS PIE. I need a moment.

caramel apple snickers pie


So there you go. Ten glorious pies. Are you listening, universe? For my birthday this weekend, and for every other birthday I ever have, I WANT PIE. Please and thank you.

P.S. My oldest daughter Kayley, who is the light of my life and cracks me up all the livelong day, went on a field trip several years ago when she was in high school. From the bus window, she spotted a tattoo shop that caught her eye, because the sign read TATTOOS AND PIE. As the bus crept past, she realized that the shop sign wrapped around the door and actually read TATTOOS AND PIERCING. But wouldn’t that be an amazing concept? All tattoo shops should be pie bakeries as well. I think the experience of getting a tattoo would be improved upon a thousand times over if you added a nice slice of pie to it. This is why we have a collaborative Pinterest board called Tattoos and Pie. 


  1. Kim Stallings says:

    So, so, so funny! Your commentary had mom and I crack7ng up!
    Perhaps we should go get a birthday tattoo and a slice of pie?

    1. P.S. mom wants tp know if you want pie for your birthday?

      1. Laura says:

        YES, I WANT PIE. Was I too subtle? 😀

  2. Marilyn says:

    OMG if I showed this post to my family, my guys would have me make ALL these delicious pies! MMMM

    1. Laura says:

      I’ve only made like one pie in my life! (And I blogged about it a couple months ago!) I’ve made lots of cheesecakes, though.

  3. Ummmmmm YUmmmmmmmmY.

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