No Sew Fleece Minecraft Creeper Scarf

Check out this rad book!  Craft Projects for Minecraft and Pixel Art Fans by Choly Knight, who has also authored some other completely awesome craft books for kids. We are the biggest Minecraft fans at our house as you probably know, and my kids were all over it! We’ve already made a couple of the smaller projects in here with the Perler Beads, but last weekend we had friends over and made a whole slew of Minecraft Creeper scarves, inspired by a project in the book!


The project in the book is actually a Minecraft Creeper blanket, made out of tied fleece squares. You can also make a blanket out of other faces, like a zombie or a slime – but we have lots of love for the creeper. I put my girls to work cutting out squares of fleece, but we quickly realized it was going to take much longer than we had time for to make a blanket. Plus, how do friends share a blanket? That doesn’t work at all! PLOT TWIST! We decided to make scarves for everyone!


We cut out squares of fleece, sizing them down a bit from the instructions for the blanket. Our squares were 9″ x 9″, in order to give us an inch all around to cut fringe. In retrospect, we could’ve given ourselves a bit more than an inch of fringe, because it made tying knots a little tricky. Little hands do well at tying little knots, though!

The girls put their scarves together by tying alternating squares of fleece together in a row. When they had their scarves the lengths they wanted, they cut out creeper faces (freehand; it’s pretty basic!) and attached them to ends with Aleene’s® Quick Dry Fabric Fusion®, aka my favorite adhesive in the whole wide world. These came out SO CUTE.

minecraft creeper scarf

There is nothing I love more than doing hands-on stuff with my kids and it’s even more fun when they have friends over! It’s not unusual for five kids to be side-by-side on my sofa, playing Minecraft in the same world. But I like it even better when we’re at the table making cool stuff!

minecraft creeper scarf collage

Check out the awesome projects in this book! You can find it right here:

Craft Projects for Minecraft and Pixel Art Fans by Choly Knight

Make your own No Sew Fleece Minecraft Creeper Scarf, or be ambitious and make the whole blanket! 


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    Super cute and cool! my little brother would love this!
    Thanks for sharing this!

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