Printable Minecraft Tablet for Dolls

My girls are way into doll play lately! They love setting up their dolls in elaborate play scenes, but they especially love creating awesome things for their dolls! Lexi likes to repurpose old clothes into fancy new outfits and accessories for her doll. Nikki likes to create fun food and jewelry for her doll out of Sculpey clay. They both have such a blast making awesome stuff out of things they find around the house. And my girls definitely have their own style! Part tomboy, part gamer, part skater – and their doll play tends to follow that path as well!

I love that my girls have so many creative outlets. Their creativity and passion for inventing fun doll stuff comes from not typically being able to find things that represent their hobbies and interests. Naturally I want support their creativity whenever possible, so I got right to work making this fun printable Minecraft Tablet for dolls. This printable features a screencap from a game I was actually playing with Lexi and Nikki! We join worlds in Minecraft all the time, sitting side by side on the sofa, cuddled under blankets. It’s one of their favorite things to do and mine too! Now their dolls can play Minecraft and so can yours!

ag doll playing minecraft

Click on the image below to download the PDF version for printing. Print in color at full size and cut it out! I glued ours to scrap cardboard, but you could use foam or cardstock or whatever you like.



I wonder if she’s playing in Survival Mode? I like to go monster hunting, myself!

printable tablet minecraft

I hope you enjoy this printable! If you have any suggestions for what we should make next, I’m all ears! Leave me a comment below!


  1. Kim says:

    Love this printable! My daughter will go crazy!!

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks for making this! I play creative mode w my daughter! She has a few AG dolls and crafts a lot.

  3. Nonna says:

    Thank you! So cute!

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