King Soopers Marketplace Grand Opening!

Aurora, Colorado, folks – you must check out the brand new King Soopers that just opened up near Cherokee Trails High School on east Smoky Hill Road! Their Grand Opening was last weekend, but they’ve been open since mid-January. The children and I have checked out basically every inch of the store, which is saying something, since it is GINORMOUS. This is no ordinary supermarket – it’s a King Soopers Marketplace, carrying every sort of food item you could possibly want – sushi rolls made fresh on site, a bistro full of delicious prepared foods, an extensive bulk food selection, and even a Starbucks! But wait, there’s more! This store also carries FURNITURE (what?), fine jewelry, clothing, and shoes. Oh, and they have as many aisles of quality toys as any department store. And a fuel center and a drive-thru pharmacy, too. It’s pretty crazy, you guys.

king soopers marketplace

Ha, see that old guy on the phone in the bottom corner? He was having a heated conversation but his head snapped right around when he heard the my phone take a picture. I hope he didn’t think I was taking a picture of him! 

The photo above is misleading, as the store goes on and on for approximately five miles in each direction outside the frame of the picture. I’m telling you, this is the biggest grocery store I have EVER been in. Look at this produce section!

King Soopers Marketplace on east Smoky Hill Road in Aurora, CO

Can you see my Nikki Pickles, bagging up a bunch of .99/pound Jazz apples? Again, misleading photo, because this is only like half of it. And look at the selection of fresh flowers! It continues on and on.

king soopers flowers

And lookie, it’s Starbucks! Every suburban mom’s dream. Well, pretty much everyone’s dream. Coffee is love, after all.

king soopers starbucks

And here we have mine and my kids’ favorite parts of the store. First, mommy’s favorite – sushi! They make surprisingly delicious sushi at King Soopers. I was skeptical, because grocery store sushi is just NO. But I’ve had sushi from the sushi chefs in several stores and it’s always been pretty tasty! Their pack of spicy tuna rolls is my favorite thing to secretly hoard when my husband is working all night. I’ll make dinner for the kids and then eat my secret contraband sushi all by myself later, so I don’t have to share. Muwahaha!

king soopers sushi

And my kids’ favorite – they have a buffet of Asian food and various flavors of hot wings! How crazy is that? 

king soopers asian wing bar

The other is the bulk food section, where they can pick out nine hundred kinds of snack mix and make their own nut butter. I just realized today that they have this crazy olive oil decanting station happening as well. I don’t know why this customized olive oil is a thing. But it’s a thing, and I need this thing in my life, immediately.

olive oil nut butter

bulk foods

I think at this point, I stopped taking pictures, because we needed to sit down and take a rest, and ask someone what day it was. How many years had we spent inside King Soopers? Not nearly enough. I’m sure if I kept looking, I would’ve made my way to the casino and the tattoo parlor. They’re probably just past the milk. I love how King Soopers has made it so easy it is to just pick up anything you need, even if you randomly decide you need a couch and recliner or an engagement ring or a carpet shampooer. New workout clothes and shoes? Got it. Wall decor, candles, and throw pillows? Oh yeah. Girlie cupcakes in a color other than pink, for fifteen kids at a sleepover? Gotcha covered, lady.

Anyway. Go check out this King Soopers! If you’re a mom like me who gets overly excited about new stores with shiny floors, this is going to make your life!

King Soopers Marketplace
25701 E. Smoky Hill Road
Aurora, CO 80016





  1. Tracy Dolan says:

    This post was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! First of all, we had recently decided that we were done with Safeway and going to try King Soopers again. My issue was that the other King Soopers on Smoky Hill closer to Rolling Hills is kind of not my favorite store. It seems a bit dumpy to me. I had heard about this new King Shoppers store, but didn’t realize it was just as close as the other one. Thanks to your amazing description of the store and top notch pictures as well as the always hilarious commentary… I will be visiting the new King Soopers very soon! I doubt I will pick up a new recliner or expensive jewelry though. (What is up with that anyway???)

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