Healthier Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat

I always feel like I’m straddling the fence between eating well and eating total crap. Like I’m either making fantastic choices for my kids or I’m feeding them things that border on child abuse. I’m exaggerating, of course, but I really prefer to keep a constant rotation of snacks in my house that my kids will ACTUALLY eat, which will not require an extra fifteen hours of preparation each week, and which don’t include boxes of Cheez-Its. (Because I will hoard the entire box all by myself. Stupid Cheez-Its! Why do I love you so much?) My four little ones can put some food away, and they walk in the door after school STARVING. I always keep fruit around, but they need snacks to keep with them at school, too. 

Here are the top requested “healthy” snacks my kids like to pack in their lunchboxes.

My kids' top 5 choices for healthy lunchbox snacks.

Babybel cheese (white cheddar is the current fave), carrot chips (rather than baby carrots), sliced apples, Stacy’s Pita Chips, and Snapea Crisps Harvest Snaps. All of these are fairly healthy, easy to throw in a baggie, and make my kids pretty happy.

Children are fickle, though, and this rotation is growing a little tired. Do you have suggestions for me? I would LOVE TO HEAR THEM! Please. Enlighten me with your culinary and supermarket wisdom, o people of the interwebs. Real life experience is always a plus, I think. 

Please add your suggestions in the comments!


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