10 Great Christmas Gifts for Kids with Autism

Christmas is almost here! If you’ve got a kiddo to shop for who is on the autism spectrum, I’ve put together a tried-and-true gift guide with a variety of gifts that my own son has loved over the years.


pTRU1-3656341_alternate1_dtStacking Shapes Pegboard – My son was positively obsessed with this toy. He played with it regularly, in all different ways, from about age 2 to 5. If we still had it, I think he might still play with it even today


Imaginarium-40-Piece-Connect-and-Create--pTRU1-16271478dtImaginarium 40-Piece Connect and Create Geometrics – Fine motor skills are often a challenge for kids with autism, and this building set allows creativity without the frustration of some other block building sets.


9780761157151_p0_v2_s260x420Point to Happy by Miriam Smith – this book was specifically written for kids on the autism spectrum. My son loved the large pointer and all the sweet faces in the book.


31SS-pAfFjLMelissa & Doug Stack and Sort Board – This is a lot like other stacking toys, but something about the painted wood just feels nice in your hands. My son counted this among his very favorite toys for several years.


thatbabydvdThat Baby DVD – Many kids with autism find music to be especially soothing. This DVD was an item I did a product review for YEARS ago, and it turned out to be my son’s very favorite thing to watch for the longest time. It features sweetly melodic versions of classic rock songs, along with relaxing images of kids playing. A dark room, cuddles on the couch with mom, cup of ice water, and this DVD – instant turnaround during meltdowns!


51tqITIR0KL._SY450_Perler Bead Bucket – This is obviously for older children, as the tiny beads do pose a choking hazard to the younger set. My son is very creative, and like most kids with autism, he’s very methodical and finds comfort in putting things in order. Following a Perler Bead pattern to create something beautiful can be really fun and quite therapeutic as well.


41Zyp19IUzLMindware Marble Run – Super fun. Again, a choice for the older kiddos. Young engineering minds will have a blast with this toy, as they create pathways for their marble to race down. Great for motor skills, great for kids who love to build. This is one toy we all enjoyed playing with as a family.


downloadTOMY Gearation – We don’t have this toy anymore, and I wish we did! All my kids loved it, but my son enjoyed it for hours on end. The gear in the middle controls all the others, so kids can use their imaginations to create all different methods of movement, and then watch their gears spin!


81mBMaKyoIL._SL1200_Melissa & Doug Locks & Latches – This is a toy that has stood the test of time! At eleven, my son still has this toy in his room and uses it regularly. Great for fine motor skills, and any autism mama who has a kiddo who loves latches will recognize why this toy is so special.

61fmbfmd9BL._SL1500_Half-Sized Acoustic Guitar – One of the best things we ever did was put instruments around our kid, just so he could pick them up and try them out. Kids with autism often have a great sense of rhythm, can sing on pitch (even if they can’t speak!) and find music to be a wonderful outlet. That has certainly been the case with our son.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gift guide and found it to be a helpful resource! I always love reaching out to my fellow autism moms and dads. Those who live the same sort of crazy and wonderful life I do always have the greatest tips and tricks!
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  1. terriburson says:

    What a great list. I’ll have to share this with my friend who has a child on the spectrum.

    1. Laura says:

      Thanks for checking it out!

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