Everything I Need to Know About Christmas…

ChristmasKids_ButtonI Learned From a Little Golden Book.

Actually, I learned everything I need to know about LIFE from a Little Golden Book! These were my absolute favorite books as a child. Mostly because they cost about 33¢ at King Soopers back in the 70s, and I could always get my mom to buy me one whenever we went to the store.  To this day, reading The Tawny Scrawny Lion will make me feel better about life and about people in general.  The stories were great, but my favorite thing about Little Golden Books, then and now, is the fantastic illustrations. That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on this awesome Christmas book: Everything I Need to Know About Christmas I Learned From a Little Golden Book by Diane Muldrow. This hardcover book is completely packed with the very best tidbits of all the classic Christmas-themed Little Golden Books, with gorgeous color illustrations on every page.


Here’s my favorite one, right here:


So adorable. And every page lists the book title that the illustration originally appeared in. This book covers Christmas entirely, from the prep work involved to the travel, celebrations with family, feasting on Christmas dinner, to the birth of Jesus. The illustrations will take you back to your childhood and the story is fun and lighthearted. You and your kids will love this book!

You can find this book in stores right now or at the link above. Disclaimer: there are NO affiliate links in this post and I was not compensated for writing it. I just really love this book, and I love reading with my children, especially at Christmas. You can find other great book reviews of Christmas stories for kids in the linky below. Check them all out, and happy reading!

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  1. emma says:

    Haa! This sounds like an awesome book 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Marilyn says:

    My favorite little golden book from my childhood was one about a white kitten who fell into a pail of (laundry) bluing and became a blue kitten.

  3. This such a cute post. I love how you showcased the cooking and cleaning part of the holiday season. It’s definitely filled with a lot of that. 🙂

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