Easy Tree Painting with Fingerprint Leaves

My kids have always been creative, and they love to make Christmas presents for people they love! Here is one of our favorite projects, and certainly one of my husband’s favorite gifts: this super easy tree painting with fingerprint leaves.

Several years ago, when my husband shifted his career toward construction management, he stopped working in a cubicle and started working in a construction trailer. The first time he had to set up his new office, he had barely anything on the walls, and my kids decided to paint him this awesome little tree for Christmas. I painted the (admittedly jacked-up looking) tree and sky, and the kids added the leaves with their fingerprints. Everyone who sees this in his office seems to comment on it!


Note the little “L + P” on the trunk of the tree! 


  1. holly says:

    where did you get this at.. i do not draw well lol. can you buy the blue and the tree trunk and just add the finger prints?

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