Dress Up Your Ranch Dip

You know how some households of small children seem like they pretty much run on ketchup and ranch dressing? Amazingly enough, my household is not one of them. Out of five kids, we go through surprisingly little ketchup, and only one of mine likes ranch dressing at all. My one ranch lover is PICKY, though. It’s Hidden Valley Ranch or NOTHIN’. Which is hilarious to me, because she’s usually not picky about anything else. And my husband is a hot wing lover, so he sort of automatically loves ranch dressing. For my ranch lovers, I like to put out a simple ranch dip with crackers for an easy snack. We dress it up for whatever holiday we happen to be near. Serving my ranch dip in a hollowed out pumpkin is a great way to dress up a Thanksgiving buffet or a party table!


How do you do YOUR Ranch? Check out some great ideas using Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and enter to win a $75 Gift Card to either a Color Me Mine Studio or a Duncan Ceramic Studio in an area near you! (And some Ranch dressing packets, of course!)

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