Autism Science Foundation

Thanksgiving is approaching, and my Timehop app just reminded me of something amazing that my family was involved in, back in November of 2011. My friend Dawn Crawford, owner of creative marketing firm BC DC Ideas, hit me up about The Autism Science Foundation, a nonprofit she was involved in, which provides money to research scientists searching for the causes of autism so that better treatments may be developed. She was interested in filming a commercial for their winter fundraising campaign and wanted to feature my son, Pablo. I was super apprehensive at first, only because kids with autism are notoriously finicky about sticking to their schedules and not driving up into the mountains for a fun-filled day of filming, but we ended up doing it. And it was the best experience!


We filmed on a perfect Colorado day – perfectly blue skies and lots of sunshine. Although we were filming the kids playing in the snow, I couldn’t even keep their coats on them. It was a lot of fun and the campaign ended up raising thousands of dollars for autism research. Win!

Here are my sweet kiddos, who look even more precious to me because they seem TINY compared to the big middle schoolers they are today.

I wrote all about our experience back in 2011 for Mile High Mamas, and you can read that recap right here if you’d like. Precious memory!


  1. Tears! You are the best!!!!

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