10 Great DIY Minecraft Christmas Gifts

We just wrapped up a snowy weekend in beautiful Colorado, which has been our first really cold blast of weather this fall. The frigid temps have pushed me into full-on holiday mode, because holy cats, you guys – we only have about six weeks left until Christmas! And as my Minecraft-obsessed children sat side by side on the sofa this weekend, dodging lava and searching for diamonds, this mama hit up the interwebs for some Minecraft DIY inspiration.

I found SO many amazing projects! Here are 10 I found that you can make yourself pretty easily.


Here are the links to the instructions for each project!

  1. Creeper Lanterns
  2. Creeper Santa out of Perler Beads
  3. Minecraft Ornaments
  4. Creeper Ornament
  5. Minecraft Printable Magnets
  6. Completely Rad Minecraft Stenciled Shirts
  7. Minecraft Paper Snowflakes
  8. Minecraft Chest
  9. Printable Snow Golem
  10. Minecraft Creeper Cell Phone Dock

Those paper snowflakes are completely amazeballs. I’m drawn to them because my son Pablo, who has autism, went through a phase in his early elementary school years where he made the most intricate and beautiful paper snowflakes. Many times, Pablo’s classmates would approach me at school to tell me about Pablo’s awesome snowflakes. I hope he’ll make some of these with me!

Enjoy these cool crafts and projects!


  1. So much fun and so many great ideas! Minecraft RUlz!!!

  2. Marilyn says:

    What a great group of minecraft ideas!

  3. Great round up! Thanks SO much for including my lanterns!

    1. Laura says:

      Hey awesome Laura! You are so welcome! I loved how the lanterns turned out.

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