Back to School – Snacks for Days!

Ahhh, the quiet solitude of a weekday morning in September. I’m not saying I don’t love the chaos and noise of two sets of twins, because it does suit me just fine, but I think we were all ready for the first day of school!


This year, I have children at two different schools! My older set of twins started 6th grade, so we officially have middle schoolers. Mallory started playing clarinet and joined the track team! Pablo is enjoying Lego robotics and getting to know his awesome new teachers. Both of them are starting the year off just fabulously and I am grateful to be in such a progressive school district, especially knowing how hard some mamas have it when dealing with autism and IEPs! It’s not always easy, and I appreciate that the few bumps we encounter are easily smoothed.

Nikki and Lexi are in 4th grade, and are in the same classroom for the first time since Kindergarten. I am thrilled by this decision. Our school generally separates twins, but I requested that they stay together in the interest of helping one of them to be a bit more socially confident, and I think they are going to have a great year. They have a teacher who has a reputation for being very strict, but also fun, which is my very favorite style of teacher. Crack that whip, lady! The girls also started playing softball for the first time, and they are both doing really well!

Between school and sports, my kids are STARVING for snacks all the time, it seems like. We hit up Costco a couple of days before school started and dropped about eighty bucks on snacks, and they were gone before the second week of school was finished. Ouch! And remember me mentioning the girls’ strict teacher? She has a fairly strict “healthy snacks only” policy in her classroom (Yaaaaas! I love it.) so the girls have been really good about packing up fruit and vegetables to take to school instead of the standard packets of goldfish. They enjoyed divvying up grapes into little bags so much that I decided to put them completely in charge of snack packing. About half an hour and half a box of baggies later, look at our fabulous snack stash!


Apparently, when healthy choices are available and convenient, kids will actually go for them once in awhile. Also, it would appear that when you don’t leave an entire bag of sour cream & onion chips in the pantry, it doesn’t disappear in a day and a half. Everyone’s happy, and the kids did most of the work! #mommywin!

Busy mom tip: don’t be lazy like me. There are plenty of nights when I decide to play Minecraft in bed rather than pack five lunches, and those next mornings always end up sucking! Prepare, plan ahead, and make your morning routine smooth like buttah. Kids can grab what they need without anything more from you than a reminder!

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