Colorado-California Road Trip, Day One!

Here is a photo essay of our family’s road trip from Denver to LA last month! Traveling with two sets of twins is no picnic, but it’s much easier when the inlaws travel with us! Paul’s folks followed us the whole way in their vehicle, with two of the kids along for the ride.

The first day of the trip is the longest. We try to get most of our traveling done in day one – it just seems to make it easier on the kids. On day one, they’re still excited! Although the pictures look gray, we didn’t see much rain. We were, however, leaving behind crazy weather – right after I took this photo, my oldest daughter, aka my housesitter and dogsitter, called to let us know the neighborhood was being beat down in hail and the tornado sirens were wailing. A tornado actually touched down at a golf course just a couple of miles down the road from our house! Glad we missed all of that, and super glad my daughter was safe in the basement.

After a very long day of many hours in the car, we arrived in St. George, Utah and dined at the legendary Chuck-A-Rama Buffet! I would be so thrilled if this restaurant decided to open up in Denver. It’s the only buffet I’ve ever been to that actually has really delicious, fresh food. My kids love it, and my husband likes it enough to let us eat there that first night, instead of at In-N-Out Burger.

I love hotels with pools. Really, my only criteria for a hotel is that it has a pool and a continental breakfast. My kids burn up so much energy in the pool after being on the road all day, and the continental breakfast always saves us a bundle in the morning! Thankfully, this America’s Best hotel had both, and was really clean, too. Win.

The next morning, we hit the road bright and early, and everyone was thrilled when we saw the sign for California! And even more thrilled when we hit Barstow, so we could finally have our first In-N-Out in a couple of years!

Oh, Animal Style burger. You so sexy.

Back on the road, and almost immediately, it feels like we’ve been dropped into LA traffic. Paul throws on a little Power 106 and the kids start to point out all the familiar sights of LA – palm trees, gigantic billboards that are essentially just sides of buildings, and flowers seemingly in bloom EVERYWHERE.

We arrive at Paul’s Tia’s house where my kids immediately run around like the hellions they are, marveling at everything that’s different in California. The girls chase and catch lizards in the front yard, we find HUGE snails slithering along rocks in the back yard, and craziest of all…a lemon tree.


















And then this happened…

If it isn’t clear from the pictures, that’s Pablo sneaking up and pushing Papa in the pool! He thinks this is the funniest thing IN THE WORLD. (Note: Papa set this up, and emptied his pockets first! He knew Pablo wouldn’t be able to resist seeing him bending down near the edge of the pool!)

The kids all swam and relaxed and settled in at Tia Diane’s house, so thrilled to be all done driving! Stay tuned for Day Two: Catalina Island!


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