Walmart to Go + Pablo's Surgery!

I swear. You know, when I mentioned on Facebook that Pablo was having surgery, a friend of mine commented, “So when are they dedicating the Neiman wing at the hospital?” And it feels like we’ve just about financed that, after all the dang co-pays we’ve shelled out for this year! 

Yes, Pablo had minor surgery. He had a large bump on his finger for many months, just below the cuticle. It was starting to damage the nail bed, and it really bothered him all the time. We spent months trying to figure out exactly what it was, until finally a specialist determined that it was a cyst. Apparently he crushed his finger at some point – probably while putting together some crazy thing in the garage – and it caused a bit of damage to the joint, which was leaking joint fluid into a small cyst. So it had to go. 

Here is my sweet boy. We all keep laughing at this picture – not just because of his Jiffy Pop headwear, but because he looks JUST like Mallory here! Of course they do look alike, as they are twins, but it is super evident in this picture. 


While we were laid up at home with our boy, I decided to try out the brand new delivery service from Walmart available to us Denver folks – Walmart To Go ! I have had so many friends try out this service and say great things about it. And truly, I don’t know why I waited so long! April would’ve been the perfect month for me to try it out, what with my own two surgeries! It was SO EASY, I’m sort of kicking myself for not ordering my groceries throughout that whole ordeal!

Ordering could not have been easier. The site is set up with specific categories for produce, meats, etc – basically exactly how I write out my shopping list. You can easily select exactly what you need, right down to milk, frozen goods, and produce. I was curious to see the produce selection, so I ordered cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce for a salad. I also ordered ground beef for burgers, bread, yogurt, popsicles, and a few other items to round out a weekend of meals. I tried to select a variety of items just to see what condition they would be in when they made it to my house!

My delivery time was scheduled for 9 to 11 AM. I got a phone call at 10 AM from the driver, letting me know he was heading my way, and that he was about twenty minutes out. Sure enough, the truck rolled up my street right at 10:20. I love it when things happen on time.


And here are the dudes who brought my food in – two of the nicest guys ever! Both Denver natives, and we had a great little chat about the Broncos, and growing up in Denver, and how AWESOME this service would’ve been for me about eight or nine years ago, when my two sets of twins were infants and toddlers. These guys told me all about the home delivery program, answering every question I had, and even a few I didn’t know I had. I opted for substitutions in my order, but my order didn’t require any. However, I learned that if a substitution was needed, they would give me the higher priced item substituted at the same price. So that’s cool. 

They brought the bags in my house and to my kitchen counters, and I unpacked them and checked my order while they waited. Everything was there, and in fantastic condition. The produce was quality I would’ve picked out. I did have a mildly squished hamburger bun, but hey. We can’t have everything in life. So now, I am singing the praises of this service to everyone I know! Check it out for yourself, my Denver friends. Make your life easier. 

As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and incentives for my time and efforts in creating this post.

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