Crock-Pot Customer Service Rocks!

You know me, man, I love the deals. So when I found this adorable chevron-patterned Crock-Pot on clearance at Target in January, I snagged one for me and one for my girl Arin, too, even though I had two Crock-Pots in my cupboard! I think I only paid around ten bucks for this fantastic model, which I actually had wanted for a long time. It’s going to be perfect for transporting hot meals to parties. Really could’ve used it last fall when Arin threw her Souper Saturday party and I took my Beer Cheese Soup. The lid seals up tight with little spinner locks on the sides.

SADLY, I used it ONE TIME before I noticed that the plastic handle portion of the lid had a large crack. 


I poked around Twitter to see if I could find a manufacturer’s account to chat with, but I didn’t have much success. I did, however, have GREAT success by just going to their website at and filling out a form on their Service and Support page. I shared the serial number and product number and a bit of info, and asked if they would replace the lid for me. They weren’t able to do that, unfortunately, but look what appeared on my porch just days later!


Okay, a bit of overkill since I hardly needed an entire brand new Crock-Pot, but I can see how difficult it would be to just replace a lid. Easier to just send me a whole new one, I guess. 

Yay for quick service and support!

My oldest daughter is about to move out on her own (I’m a little emotional about it!) and I’m sure she can use a Crock-Pot of her very own. Lesson learned, don’t be shy about speaking up when products are wonky! Oftentimes the manufacturer will do whatever it takes to make you happy! 

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