Fundraiser Auction Baskets – 10 Great Gift Basket Ideas!

So, what do you think of when you hear the words…SCHOOL FUNDRAISER? Thinking back to when my oldest was in elementary school, many moons ago, it was all about mom and dad bugging their coworkers to buy giftwrap and cheap chocolates. It super sucked. My kids’ school has a different approach to fundraising – in fact, they have various fundraisers throughout the year which all seem to be pretty successful! Over the past few years, our PTO has funded the salaries of some of our TAs and purchased Smart Boards for every classroom in the school, which is pretty amazing to me. One of the most popular fundraising events of the school year is the Dinner Auction. This is a fun night out for parents, usually held somewhere that encourages lots of partying and socializing. During the weeks and months leading up to the auction, each classroom solicits parents for money and supplies, and then puts together a themed gift basket to be auctioned off during the dinner. These baskets are amazing and elaborate, and raise a ton of money for the school! This year, I am organizing the baskets for two classrooms – not sure how I got roped into that, but I’m happy to do it. Naturally, I turned to my favorite place on the whole wide internet for some ideas: Pinterest! Here are 10 of the coolest auction gift baskets I found.

1. BASEBALL LOVERS’ BASKET I love this idea, and it would work with any sport! With our Broncos in the Super Bowl this year, I imagine a Denver Broncos themed basket would be a big hit!  rockies-baseball-gift-basket 2. CUPCAKE BASKET SO CUTE. My kiddos would be all over this. They love cooking and baking, and who doesn’t love kitchen gadgets?  


3. CAMPING BASKET This is one of my favorites, and I love that everything is put together in a cooler! I know my family would get so fired up about summer and camping season if I brought this home!


4. BACKYARD FUN BASKET Continuing on the summertime theme, this Backyard Fun basket is SO COOL! Everything you need for a fun night outdoors, all wrapped up in a FIRE PIT! I miss summer. Go away, snow.  backyard-fun-auction-basket-firepit   5. KINDLE FIRE BASKET This gift basket is less elaborate than some of the others, but talk about bang for your buck! Who wouldn’t love a Kindle Fire? The person who put this together really made theirs STAND OUT with the addition of the cute fireplace and mantel, too. In her note on Pinterest, she mentioned that there was a photograph on the “mantel” of the classroom responsible for the basket. I love the addition of the soft blanket and the Amazon gift card, too! I would be all over this. kindle-raffle-basket 6. CRAFT BEER BASKET This might not be appropriate for all school auctions, but I personally love it – it is an adult event, after all. We have over 140 craft breweries in Colorado, and I think it would be fantastic to include bottles from a few of them, along with perhaps a craft brewery guide, and maybe some cute pint glasses!


7. BLOODY MARY BASKET Another adult-themed basket here – I think this is so cute. It would also be great with a margarita, mojito, or Irish coffee theme.


8. LEGO BASKET Psst. This is my FAVORITE. I think this is one of the themes I will be using. I love that the creator made a cute, reusable LEGO storage tote – my kids would be thrilled if I brought this home.


9. SLEEPOVER BASKET HOW CUTE IS THIS. I have three little girls, and sleepovers happen here all the time – they would love every single thing in here – the slippers, nail polish, DVD, book full of sleepover games – I think I even see some roadie cups in there! I want this. I might do this one for the other classroom I’m doing. Maybe.


10. SUPERHERO BASKET Another fave! I love all the various superheroes stuffed in here! You know what would also be awesome? Maybe a Minecraft themed basket, or Star Wars! Can’t have everything too girlie.


I got so many great ideas for our school auction! If you have more ideas for me, PLEEEEASE share in the comments! I would love to see what you’ve done, too – throw me a link!

Update – 3/11/14 

I did end up putting together a Minecraft basket! And a LEGO basket too! I showcased them in a separate post, so check it out!

Minecraft and LEGO Auction Baskets



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  2. Cindy Tran says:

    Love these baskets! We’re a nonprofit organization that is having a silent auction at one of our events. May I ask how much these baskets made for your auction? I want to know if it’s worth it to make our own! We usually ask around for donations of gift baskets/gift certificates for our events. Thank you 🙂

    1. Carmen says:

      My name is Carmen ive made baskets. For a silent auction 4 6 years they go :great from 75.00$$ up ..the silent auction is 4 relay 4 Life..

  3. Linda Pate says:

    Having a fundraising for a heart patience and we need a great gift to faffle off how much are your baskets?

  4. Kiley farmer says:

    I’m trying to find people to donate baskets for a burn fundraiser for burn camp and if you donate a basket you can write it off in taxes If you’d like to participate I’d love to hear from you

  5. Bebmi Blog says:

    Got Cookies Gift Basket

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