One Year.

Well. I thought November 13th would just pass by and I wouldn’t think much of it, but no. That’s not like me at all. One of my weird life-long quirks is that I remember every significant date and most insignificant dates as well, so the date of the most completely terrifying, painful, and downright sucktacular night of my life is naturally burned into my memory banks for good. Not to mention, my Timehop app made sure the first thing I saw when I woke up was the picture of myself in the ER a year ago. And almost as if my knee knew what day it was, it throbbed off and on all day long. Stupid knee. Stupid stairs. I’m obviously still a little bitter about it.



You know what, though? I’ve been good. Kayley and I both are SO excited about Christmas, after we both had the Worst Christmas Ever last year. We’re excited about decorating and Christmas shopping and all of the fun stuff that we didn’t get to do because we were both wheelchair-bound. I’ve been enjoying the shit out of fall so far, and I’m just so thankful every single day that we are healthy and mostly recovered. I will always have pain in my knee, but I’m learning to manage it pretty well. And I’ll probably always be apprehensive about those stupid stairs, but I’m dealing. I even carry laundry baskets up and down the stairs now! Go, me!

So, yeah. Thumbing my nose at last Christmas and all the shittiness that went with it – on to a jollier holiday!

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