Regular Show Mural: Muscle Man & High Five Ghost!

We’ve been extra busy these past few weeks, trying to cram as much as we can into the summer before school starts. Pauly went to Sturgis for the motorcycle rally, I went on a weekend trip with my sister to visit her new grandbaby (squee!), and I finished a few more characters in the kids’ bathroom. Here’s one I meant to share a few weeks ago! Muscle Man & High Five Ghost from Regular Show.

One of our favorite guys from Regular Show: Muscle Man! And his buddy, High Five Ghost. If you watch the show, you’ll recognize his “My Mom!” catchphrase. I decided to give a shoutout to MYSELF for doing all this work, as you can see in the picture!

Muscle Man

This is so much fun, you guys. And these characters are so simple and easy to paint, I usually don’t even sketch them out first – I just grab the brush and start painting. You should try it!

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