Spending Quality Time with Each Kid – How?

I’m still trying to figure out how to spend special one-on-one time with each of my children, without going broke or sacrificing our family time. It’s not easy, you guys, as I’m sure you know. One of the things I’m starting to figure out, though, is that you don’t NEED to take your kid out to dinner and a movie every time you crave their company. It doesn’t always have to be Date Night! Kids are so happy to just have your undivided attention. It’s so simple – just taking the time to listen while they tell you a story or watch them do cartwheels across the lawn – without keeping an eye on your Instagram feed! I am so guilty of this – I want to capture every single moment, so I’m constantly chasing after them with my iPhone in hand, snapping pictures. I’m trying to get better about leaving my phone in my pocket!

pinterest-nailpolish We’re also just super busy, like every family. I keep trying to find little ways to quickly connect with my children, just to let them know I think they’re awesome. Here’s my latest obsession: quick drying nail polish! I love to paint the girls’ nails, but it seems like it takes nine years to go through the whole process, and getting them to sit still while it dries is next to impossible. Enter Maybelline Express Finish – it’s decent quality and it doesn’t cost much. And by the time I start on the second hand, the first one is dry. It’s fabulous. I can grab one of my littles for a quick snuggle and a glass of juice, and while she tells me about which tree she just skinned her knee climbing in the park, I can give her a manicure.

By the way, this is not sponsored by Maybelline – I’ve just tried about four different brands and they all sucked except for this one. So there you have it. Take five minutes and do your nails!

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