Back to School Shopping Guide – HKA!

Announcing…the Official Back to School Shopping Guide – Hellraiser Kid Approved! The first day of school is just weeks away, and let’s be honest, this tired mama is going to be jumping for joy when that school bus pulls away! Well – perhaps “jumping for joy” is a bit harsh. Let’s just say I’ll be leisurely sipping my coffee in a quiet house that will stay clean for hours and hours. Bliss! Of course, I adore those little monkeys of mine and I’m as excited as they are for them to meet their new teachers and reconnect with their friends! Here are some of things on their must-have lists.

Regular Show Good Show Lunch Kit - $7.99!

Regular Show Good Show Lunch Kit – available at Toys ‘R Us for just $7.99 – this feels like a steal to me, since most of the lunch boxes I see in stores are ten bucks or more. And right now, you can even get a FREE Lunch Kit (up to $9.99 value) when you buy ANY Backpack priced $12.99 or more (Exclusions apply)

My son is completely Mordecai and Rigby-obsessed and he is going to LOVE carrying his turkey-and-swiss sandwich to school every day in this. I’m pretty stoked for him. Isn’t it awesome when you find just the right thing your kid is into? FIST PUMP!

I Love Mustaches Messenger Bag This I Love Mustaches messenger bag from JC Penney is perfect for my little hipster-esque tweens, who put mustaches on everything! This is the year I’m finally caving, and allowing them to choose messenger bags over backpacks. JC Penney actually has a surprisingly great selection of backpacks and messenger bags.

DC Shoes - Kids Spartan Hi My 8-year-old twin girls love skater-style shoes, and their favorite brand is DC Shoes. These DC Shoes
Kids’ Spartan Hi
tops are adorable and will take the beating that my girls will inflict upon them.

And did I mention they’re only $25.00 right now at Famous Footwear? Hurry.

Vans - Kids' Asher Checkerboard My boy is heading into 5th grade, and he’s been exclusively wearing Vans for most of his school years – funny how these Kids’ Asher Checkerboard Vans look very much like the Vans the 5th grade boys wore back in the early 80s, when I was in 5th grade! No sense in messing with a classic, I guess!

Old Navy is my favorite store for kids’ clothes – they have a fabulous selection of the stuff my kids love, at great prices. I’m always looking for deals when shopping for five kids! Check out these cute graphic tees from Old Navy…

Adventure Time Tee - Old NavyDomo Tee - Old Navy

Old Navy - Zebra TeeOld Navy - Avengers Tee

It’s always fun for kids to express themselves, and what better way than a little backpack swag? Hot Topic has an entire “Pimp Your Pack” page, featuring tons of pins, stickers, and keychains to add to backpacks, lockers, binders, etc. (I kind of want that Adventure Time BMO keychain for MY keys!)







I hope this guide gets you excited for doing a little back-to-school shopping! Hang in there, mamas – quieter days are coming! (Also, homework and early rising! Booo!) With any luck, we’ll be ready to head back in a few weeks! Are you ready? What are you and your kids looking forward to about going back to school?


  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for this! We’re probably going to reuse our lunch boxes and backpacks from last year, but knowing where to find cool keychains, pins and stickers to show off their style/likes is awesome.

    1. Laura says:

      A couple of my kids are reusing lunchboxes too – all four of the littles need new backpacks, though – we threw them out on the last day of school! They literally had holes in the bottom of them from throwing them down at the bus stop – dang kids!

  2. My kids need new backpacks! I’ll have to go and check it out.

  3. Lori says:

    Great post! Even though my kids school online, it’s still fun to get some new clothes for the start of school and for attending all of those back to school events. We haven’t been to Old Navy in forever, so thanks for mentioning that store. And Hot Topic is one of our favorites.

    1. Laura says:

      We used to shop at Old Navy more when they were at Southlands – I was so bummed when they closed that store! They still have a location at Cornerstone, though – they moved from Arapahoe Crossing a year or so ago.

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