So many fabulous burger places have popped up around Denver over the past few years – not that I would know from personal experience, since it is SO hard to take seven people out to eat, it seems like. But we had to try out Larkburger, after three separate people from three completely different circles of my life raved about their food in the span of a week. Verdict? Bomb ass food, man.


Obviously, you come for the burgers. Their food is all so fresh and delicious, and the burgers were a huge hit with my kiddos. I tried a bite of my little girl’s turkey burger and it was pretty tasty, which is saying a lot because I usually am not a turkey burger chick at all.


The real reason we went, though, was because every single one of my friends who has gone to Larkburger has raved about their Truffle Oil Fries. They take freshly made french fries, and drizzle them with truffle oil, herbs, and Parmesan cheese. The kids were hit and miss with these fries, but that was totally fine, because Pauly and I HOGGED as much of them as we could for ourselves.


And the surprise hit of the night was actually something I didn’t even know they made…chili! It was full of meat, veggies, and hominy – SO tasty and delicious. My Mexican hubby is super picky about chili, and he gobbled it up. In fact, I’ve been craving their chili even more than their truffle fries. We haven’t had a chance to get back over there, but it’s on my stomach’s To-Do list! Check out Larkburger soon – I think you’ll be a fan!



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