Nikki Pickles and her Hipster Glasses.

Nikki wore glasses throughout 1st grade, but in 2nd grade, she passed her eye exam well enough that the eye doctor we had at the time said she didn’t need to wear them anymore.

Now we’re finishing up 2nd grade, and Nikki has been complaining about headaches, eye strain, and blurry vision for a couple of weeks now. Time to get used to wearing glasses again! Once again, we had a fantastic experience at Vision Works, which is where I took Pablo for his glasses a couple of months ago. Nikki picked out the cutest, hippest frames I’ve ever seen. As soon as she saw them, she was in love. “I’ll look just like a nerd in these! And I LOVE being a nerd!” Awww.

Nikki the Hipster

It took a few days to get them made, since she had to get bifocals. We were finally able to pick them up today and she really digs them. And they’re so cute on her! After we picked up her glasses, the kids and I headed over to the park to soak up the sunshine. Poor little Nikki isn’t feeling great, though – stupid allergies – and she almost fell asleep, perched up high on a rock sculpture, while eating her snack. Almost looks like a record album, doesn’t it?

Nikki's New Glasses

I have to say, I’m feeling a little jealous that two of my kiddos have fancy new glasses. It’s been about two years since I got new glasses and I’m overdue for an exam. Guess mama’s next!

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