The Girls' Room – Update!

I should say, Update #1. I will have a big reveal post in a week or so, once everything finally comes together. For now, I wanted to fill you in on how things have been going! Here’s my little Lexi-bug, helping me out with the painting!


Life is always pretty busy at our house, with homework and activities and drama generated by five kids. Throw in the added chaos of redoing a bedroom, and it can get out of hand in a hurry. This week, I’ve been painting and painting and PAINTING. Paul’s been hard at work, on a related DIY project for the girls’ room – yes, like all our projects, this one turned into a whole lot more than we initially planned for. Fortunately, he and I both seem to do our best work under pressure and with deadlines looming over us, so we managed to get all the big stuff done in the girls’ room before he had to leave town to visit family. And I have to say, I am so excited to finish this room up and snap some pictures! It’s coming along beautifully.

First of all, this paint. I am blown away by it. I’ve painted SO MANY KIDS’ BEDROOMS, you don’t even know. And I have used so many different brands of paint. None has covered so completely and quickly as this Disney paint by Glidden. The girls’ bedroom started out with bright green paint on one wall, and builder-grade white on the other walls. On the white walls, I had to use two coats to cover, since they were practically untouched from original construction – and that was pretty much what I expected. I also expected to need at least two coats on the bright green wall, especially since I was covering it with a very pale purple. Nope. One coat coverage, you guys. And it truly is low-odor – I didn’t feel like I needed to keep the windows open all day long while I was painting, which was nice, since one of my painting days occurred during one of our freaky Colorado-springtime blizzards!

We also had A BLAST with the Ready, Set, Glow! finish. I painted lots of freehand details around the room, which will only show at night when the lights are out – but you don’t need to have any artistic talent at all to use this stuff! You can use the room painter feature on the Disney Paint website to pick your colors and finishes, try out how various templates will look on the walls, and then print out your whole plan right from the site. And if you aren’t sure where to begin, check out the gallery of ideas for spectacular room designs, and the how-to videos to walk you through the process of applying each paint finish.

Oh! And check out my awesome find – my little girls wanted a fancy chandelier for their new bedroom. They have never had proper lighting beyond a small bedside lamp, so I really wanted to put up some overhead lighting that would brighten up the room. I just happened to find an ugly old brass chandelier someone in my ‘hood had sitting on the curb, waiting for the trash – and I snatched that baby up! A coat of purple spray paint later, and it’s fit for a princess (or two!)


It looks fantastic in the room. Pictures to come. First of all, we are planning a little Reveal Party so that the girls can really show off their new bedroom to their friends. We’re going to continue the Ready, Set, Glow! theme into the party, which should be a lot of fun. I love how excited the girls are, and now, I can’t wait to get started on my OTHER twins’ bedroom!

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