Star Wars Valentines DIY!

As my kids are scrambling to finish up their store-bought Valentine cards for their classmates, I’m thinking back to the kickass Star Wars Valentines we made last year! I love doing projects like this with my kiddos, but with the logistics of my busted leg, we’ve had to simplify a little. I’m sure next year, we’ll be putting our crafty caps on once again!


These were fun to make, and pretty easy, too, with some very basic PhotoShop knowledge. I took pictures of my kiddos posing with a flashlight, then did a Google search for a space background. The Star Wars font is free to download, and I bought glow stick bracelets at Walmart – 12 in a pack for $.97.

I made a small slit in each photo with an X-Acto knife, inserted the glow sticks from the back, then secured them with a piece of tape on the back of each photo. Word of advice: assemble them yourself instead of having the kids do it, because MANY of the glow sticks were cracked, aka, “lit up” in the process, when the kids were inserting them!

Don’t you just love Star Wars? And Valentine’s Day?? Do your kids make homemade Valentine cards?


  1. Jen says:

    These are awesome. Pinning it for next year!

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