Gimpy Driving.

behind-the-wheel-oh-god-why I drove today.

Did you hear what I said, people? I said, I DROVE TODAY! For the first time since November 13th, I got behind the wheel of my vehicle and ventured out into the world! I figured, hey, if I can sort of walk, I can probably sort of drive. How much movement is really involved in braking and accelerating? Not a whole lot, really. Except, yeah. That movement is something I haven’t done in forever, and today’s Behind The Wheel turned out to be a nice little learning experience for me. Here’s what I figured out:

  • Getting out of the house all by yourself is nice, but difficult.
  • The day you decide to try something new is the day you leave your handicap pass in your husband’s vehicle.
  • Although I like rollin’ on twenties, my vehicle is SO FREAKIN’ HIGH OFF THE GROUND, YOU GUYS, OMG.
  • Driving to Target is easy. Driving home is harder.
  • The motorized carts at Target are harder to steer than the ones at Walmart, and their backup horn sounds are so unbearably shrill, I would circle the globe before putting one in reverse ever again.
  • If you’re going to rely on a little motorized cart, you’d better plan ahead for when that fucker runs out of juice before you can get out of the store.
  • Complete strangers will offer help when they see you carrying an armload of bags while leaning on a crutch.
  • Hobbling across Target’s parking lot with one crutch results in a sore knee all the way home. That five minute drive all of a sudden seems like a bad idea.

So, yeah. I did it. I made it. Will I do it again? Not anytime soon. If I had somewhere nearby where I needed to go, and it was early enough in the day that my knee wasn’t throbbing, and I absolutely had to drive myself, I could do it. But if I drove myself to physical therapy, I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to drive myself home. I’m just not quite there yet. And that’s a drag. But, at least I know what I’m capable of today, and I’m sure as the weeks go by and I get a little stronger, I’ll be blazin’ down the highway once again!


  1. Tamara says:

    Well good for you! I was only out of driving for three months but it felt like I didn’t know how that first time back! Maybe when your up to it we can meet up for a coffee! Baby steps girl, baby steps!

    1. Laura says:

      I’m all over that, Tamara! Coffee…cocktails…you name it!

  2. Just read back to your injury post, I can totally relate. It’s been over a month since I have 1) driven a car or 2) been anywhere outside the house that wasn’t some kind of medical facility. Dislocated my patella and tore meniscus, MCL, ACL, and a few other ligaments in early January. Here’s to long roads of recovery!

    1. Laura says:

      Cheers and beers! It sucks, man, I feel ya. Try to get out a little if you can – your friends might find it to be great fun to push you around bars in a wheelchair – it’s always hilarious when you’re the one upright. Bonus: you can share your percs with them. 😉 The isolation can be a real downer after awhile. Are you in PT now? It’s startling to me how painful it is to regain range of motion in my knee. At least you have a cool story; I was in my pajamas and socks taking my dog out to pee.

  3. Rajean says:

    I shouldn’t be laughing about your running out of juice but it is a good tip! Baby drives…

    1. Laura says:

      You can laugh; it’s okay! There is nothing NOT ridiculous about the whole situation!

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