Step It Up Performing Arts Center – Classes for Kids!

You know, I’ve been housebound for MONTHS now, which means my kids have spent a whole lot of time lying in bed with me watching Spongebob episodes on Netflix, and making endless loops of our cul-de-sac on scooters. We haven’t gone many places, since I haven’t been able to drive or even walk! They are dying to get involved in some new activities.

In a stroke of fabulous timing, this opportunity just fell into my lap – well, into my gmail inbox. A coupon for 2 months of unlimited classes for kiddos – in such varied areas, too – things we might not ordinarily take advantage of. Pop song writing? Oh, hell yes. You know my songwriter girls will be all over that. I think I might push them toward hip hop, though. They could use a little more flava. Here are the official details:

Have you ever dreamed of being on stage? Singing and dancing in a Broadway Performance? Or acting in a blockbuster movie? Well we understand that calling and want to help you get there.We provide a wide variety of services packaged for you and your family to take full advantage of this new affordable way to learn arts and fitness. Our family oriented environment makes our performing arts facility a place for families to share in the arts together.

2 Months of Unlimited Classes for only $60!

This coupon is good for 2 months of unlimited classes for $60 at Step It Up Performing Arts Center (individual classes valued at $40 each.) Choose from tap, ballet, jazz, pom-poms, musical theater, hip-hop dance, music video, pop song writing, vocal ensemble (to your favorite artists), guitar, piano and drums (for all ages.) Many Performance opportunities.

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Oooh, I just now noticed where it said “piano and drums for all ages.” Yeah. I’m not saying my husband is BAD on the drums, but…maybe I’ll sign him up for a class, too. 🙂

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