Guess what?

Eighty days on crutches, you guys. And probably a couple more, because I am weak and shaky like a newborn foal. But, as of today, my surgeon has cleared me to START WALKIN’! #fuckyeah


  1. Daria says:


    1. Laura says:

      Woohoo indeed! Now I don’t need you to shlep my wheelchair up and down the stairs. 😉

  2. Cindy says:

    And the angels sang!

    1. Laura says:

      Seriously. Do you play the Sims? The sound the game makes when someone reaches their Lifetime Goal, with all the horns and fanfare – I swear I heard that sound in my head!

  3. Aimee says:


    1. Laura says:


  4. Amy says:

    You are so adorable. So glad you got the blessing!!

    1. Laura says:

      Haha! Thanks – I almost fell on my ass, because Kayley said, “Now act like you’re running!” and we both cracked up. She was like, “No, don’t, this is a bad idea!” I was laughing while posing!

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