Instagram Creeping: From Cancer to Chiweenies.

I love Instagram. It’s one of the things I visit all day long on my iPhone. I love seeing little glimpses of everyday life, and people are much more likely to upload the mundane, boring shit to Instagram than Facebook. I have gotten to know people so much better just by the silly little pictures they upload, and I never feel ridiculous uploading fifty pictures of my dog. Hey, everyone’s doing it! Are you following me? My Instagram profile is right up above, in the menu bar. Feel free to click and peruse my fabulously boring life.

I wanted to share two Instagram profiles I have been stalking the hell out of lately. The first one is a chiweenie named Tuna. Oh my God, you guys. I have such a soft spot for chiweenies anyway, since I have one of my own. But this funny little pup is unlike any chiweenie I’ve ever seen. He has this crazy overbite happening, and the pictures of him are HYSTERICAL. Kayley and I laughed until we cried. “How does anyone love you?” Kayley howled. This baby is so ugly, he’s crossed over into adorable. I love this dog. If you need a day brightener, just start clicking through his pictures!


The second is Delane, a gal I only know because of our shared adoration for Yo Gabba Gabba. She is a tattoo artist’s wife, a stay-at-home mother of three, and a homeschooler. She’s adorable and bubbly, covered head to toe in tattoos – even sporting an amazing Yo Gabba Gabba logo and boom box across one shin – and she was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. Her pictures are so touching, and the love of her family and friends is so evident in her writing. Delane is undergoing a radical hysterectomy TODAY. Her friends have set up a fundraiser to help her family get through her illness, and if you find yourself moved to support a kickass mommy in the fight for her life, check it out right here: Delane’s Fight to Beat Cervical Cancer. Her talented hubby has also drawn a beautiful print, inspired by Delane and for sale right here: Refuse to Sink.

Good luck and much love to you, Delane. I don’t know you, but I feel like I should. xo



  1. I love instagram and will have to check these out! <3 Love all of your pictures too!!!

  2. Amy says:

    I’m totally following Tuna now! Love him!

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